COVID-Related Research Opportunities

Cornell Health is pleased to be able to facilitate scientific advancement in the understanding of COVID during the pandemic by raising student awareness of opportunities to participate in research studies. Students wishing to learn more about opportunities at Cornell may review research summaries below. This page will be updated as new opportunities arise.

Note: This research is independent of Cornell Health. Our medical and mental health providers will not know of your involvement should you choose to participate and, as per Cornell Health Confidentiality & Patient Rights, Cornell Health does not share your protected health information without your permission.

New opportunities 

February, 2021

On February 2, Provost Michael Kotlikoff and Vice President for Research and Innovation, Emmanuel P. Giannelis sent a message to the campus community outlining "Optional consent for COVID-19 research activities." Cornell faculty, staff and students now have the opportunity to indicate in the Daily Check their willingness to allow testing data and samples to be used by Cornell researchers. Please note: this research is specific to samples taken for surveillance testing purposes at Cornell and does not include samples from diagnostic testing done at Cornell Health.

December, 2020 

A message from Cornell Institutional Research and Planning (IRP):

"As we come to the end of the first semester of having University-wide protocols in place for dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, several research studies are now being developed to examine aspects of the pandemic and response.  

We are writing to ask if you would be willing to be contacted about potentially participating in one or more of these studies. If you agree to be contacted, you would not be consenting to participate in any specific study, you would simply be indicating your willingness to be contacted in the future.

Here is pertinent information regarding this request:

  • You are being contacted because you took part in Cornell’s surveillance testing program or because you spent some part of the fall semester in quarantine or isolation.  
  • The list of individuals willing to be contacted about possible research participation is being maintained by Cornell University’s Office of Institutional Research & Plannin (IRP). IRP will make this list available to researchers who are looking for study participants. If you have questions about the list, you can contact IRP at
  • If you agree to add your name to the list, you are only expressing a willingness to be contacted about specific studies. You are not providing consent at this time for participation in any study.
  • Once your name is on the list, you might be contacted by researchers regarding the opportunity to participate in one or more studies. You can decline to participate in any or all of the studies, and your consent to participate in any particular study will not constitute permission to participate in any other study.
  • All research studies that contact individuals on this list will have first been reviewed and approved by the Cornell University Institutional Review Board.
  • If you want to remove your name from the list at any point in the future, you can contact IRP at
  • Your agreement to add your name to the list is completely voluntary and is unrelated to the University’s required surveillance testing or any other obligation you have as a Cornell student.

If you are willing to have your name added to the list of people interested in being contacted, please follow this link to the Cornell COVID Research page."