Tips for Safe End-of-Year Celebrations

Touchdown on Ho Plaza wearing a mask and giving a thumbs-up

Enjoy Virtual Slope Day and other end-of-year celebrations without compromising the end of your semester! Set yourself up for a successful exam week, Senior Week, and Commencement by maintaining focus on your health and safety now.

Don't let your guard down (or your mask)

We're almost there! Even if you're fully vaccinated, remember that many students aren't. Keep practicing COVID prevention strategies so you don't miss out on the end of the semester.

  • Celebrate with your pod (housemates or roommates) or outdoors in small groups.
  • Continue to follow Cornell's mask guidelines.
  • Don’t share food, drinks, or personal items such as e-cigs.
  • Remember that drinking alcohol can decrease your likelihood of following COVID prevention guidelines. 

If you drink alcohol …

The majority of Cornellians drink moderately or not at all. If you do drink alcohol, it’s important to know how to reduce the risk of negative consequences, and what to do in an alcohol emergency:

  • Stay hydrated and well-fed (but avoid sharing food or drinks with others).
  • Pace and limit the number of alcoholic drinks; stick to a buzz to keep your BAC (blood-alcohol concentration) in check.
  • Avoid shots, funnels, chugging, drinking games, and hard alcohol (the cause of nearly all alcohol emergencies).
  • Alcohol poisoning can be fatal. Call 911 for help if someone is passed out and unresponsive, or vomiting while passed out. Learn more about what to do in an alcohol emergency.

Cornell’s Good Samaritan Protocol and NY State’s Good Samaritan Law protect those who call 911, and those who need assistance, in an alcohol or other drug emergency.