Mental Health Services Updates

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Last updated 5/22/19

Upcoming changes to Cornell Health's counseling services 

Cornell Health is planning changes to student mental health services to provide more rapid access to care and increased flexibility in follow-up options. 

These changes are in response to student feedback and a steadily increasing utilization of mental health services over the past decade.

Beginning in Fall 2019:

  • Students will be able to access care when they need it, through 25-minute counseling sessions that can often be scheduled the same day. 
  • Students will have increased flexibility in deciding which mental health provider they see and when: they can select a counselor based on convenience or availability (i.e., first available appointment or a visit with a provider of their choosing).
  • A student’s first visit will be a 25-minute session during which the counselor will focus on meeting the student’s immediate needs, learning about the student’s goals for treatment, and making a recommendation for next steps, if needed (e.g., another 25-minute session, individual or group counseling, or referrals to other resources on or off campus).  
  • Students who want follow-up counseling can work with their provider to determine appointment frequency and length (25 or 50 minutes). 
  • Students who do not schedule follow-up appointments can still return for 25-minute counseling visits in the future. 
  • Students will have increased access to “Let’s Talk” consultations across campus, group counseling, skills-based workshops, and psychotropic medication management services. They will also benefit from enhanced collaboration between the mental health and primary care medical providers at Cornell Health.


We are building on the success of our existing brief, goal-focused services – including Let’s Talk, urgent walk-in counseling visits, and the Behavioral Health Consultant program – by offering more immediate access to counseling sessions. Students who want follow-up care will have greater flexibility in accessing options to meet their unique needs.   

This approach is similar to those being used at Brown University and other peer institutions to provide a greater number of students with more rapid access to quality care. 

How we plan to accommodate these changes:

Beginning fall 2019, Counseling and Psychological Services will be shifting away from telephone "brief assessment" screenings to in-person first appointments that can often be scheduled the same day. Therapists’ daily schedules will include both brief same-day appointments and pre-scheduled counseling appointments. 

Changes made to mental health services at Cornell Health will be included in the university's comprehensive Mental Health Review


Other university support for this model:


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