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Hayley Hughes

Hayley Hughes


Postdoctoral Resident

Hayley is completing her postdoctoral residency in clinical psychology at CAPS this year. She graduated from Cornell with a BA in Psychology and received her PhD in Counseling Psychology from Purdue University. Hayley is a stereotypical Canadian who loves hockey, Tim Horton’s coffee, maple syrup, and ketchup flavored chips (they really are delicious!). After the disappointment of not receiving her letter from Hogwarts at age 11, Hayley had varying ideas of career options but her passion for processing and understanding the human experience prevailed! Hayley has worked at multiple college counseling centers and athletic departments, helping students and student-athletes with various concerns, including anxiety, depression, identity development, transition, loss, family and relationships, trauma, and perfectionism. She hopes to continue to help college students make the most of this challenging and exciting phase of life.


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