Care During Intersession

Teladoc telehealth services

SHP & SHP+ members anywhere in the United States have pre-paid access to medical, mental health, & dermatology telehealth services through Teladoc.

Students with private insurance should check their plan for coverage of Teladoc or other telehealth services.

Prescription refills and transfers 

Need a refill while you're away from campus, or want to transfer a prescription to another pharmacy? Learn how here

For Ithaca students away from campus

The following information is for students registered in Ithaca who have left campus at the end of the fall semester, or during Winter Break. 

Are you a distance-learning student? See services for students registered outside Ithaca.

Ithaca students staying within New York State

If you travel to another location within New York State, you can still access the full range of our telehealth services while you’re away. 

Telehealth services have no copay/charge for students who are enrolled in a Student Health Plan (SHP/SHP+) or those who pay the Student Health Fee. 

Need a prescription refill while you're away from campus? Learn how to transfer a prescription from the Cornell Health pharmacy

Ithaca students outside of New York State (in the U.S. or abroad)

Due to U.S. regulations that govern the licensure of health care providers, we are unable to provide diagnostic and clinical services to students outside of New York State.

This means that students who travel outside of the state are not eligible for Cornell Health's medical and mental health telehealth services until they return to New York. 

Continued eligibility for Cornell Health support services:

While you are outside of NY State, you can continue to access the following non-clinical support services through Cornell Health:

There is no copay/charge for support services available to students outside of New York State. 

How to find a provider in another state:

Medical / mental health providers:

  • If you are enrolled in SHP/SHP+ – find an Aetna participating provider in your area. As a SHP/SHP+ member, you also can receive medical and mental health care through Teladoc telehealth services.  
  • If you have private insurance – use your insurance company’s website, or contact the insurance company directly, to find a provider in your area that accepts your insurance. Some insurance companies cover services provided by Teladoc or other telehealth providers.

Transferring a prescription to another pharmacy: