COVID-19 Testing & Care

Cornell's COVID-19 website

  • Refer to Cornell’s COVID-19 website as the main source for campus-wide updates and information. 
  • Contact the university's COVID-19 Support Center for questions related to the Daily Check, surveillance & supplemental testing, and university policies.  

Experiencing symptoms? Concerned about exposure?

COVID symptoms

Students who experience symptoms of COVID-19 can call Cornell Health for consultation: 607-255-5155 (24/7). A medical provider will help assess your symptoms and advise you on next steps, which may include diagnostic COVID-19 testing at Cornell Health (see below).

COVID exposure (no symptoms)

If you have had close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, but you do not have any symptoms, please follow the Tompkins County Health Department's guidelines for masking and quarantine, and schedule a supplemental COVID test on day 5 after your exposure.

Diagnostic testing at Cornell Health 

Cornell Health may recommend diagnostic testing for students who have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or who meet other medical criteria. However, students with mild symptoms may instead be instructed to follow self-care instructions and utilize the antigen test kits available across campus.

If diagnostic testing is done at Cornell Health, students may also be tested for influenza or other illnesses that can share symptoms with COVID.

How to be tested for cause at Cornell Health:

  • Students should call us at 607-255-5155 during business hours to be pre-screened for testing (must meet diagnostic criteria). 
  • There is no cost for diagnostic testing at Cornell Health. 
  • Test results are typically are available within 24 hours. Students are expected to self-quarantine while they await their results.

PLEASE NOTE: Cornell Health does not oversee the university's surveillance testing and supplemental testing programs.

Testing for Ithaca students in Geneva or NYC

If you are an Ithaca campus student located in Geneva or in New York City (e.g., AAP in NYC), and your Daily Check status turns red ....

  1. Call Cornell Health during business hours607-255-5155.
  2. If a Cornell Health clinician determines that you need a diagnostic COVID-19 test, they can order a test for you. You can access and print your order through myCornellHealth and bring it to a testing site of your choice. 
  3. Be sure to have the testing provider send Cornell Health the test results, or you can upload the results to myCornellHealth

Find a local testing site:


If you have questions that are not addressed above, we invite you to call us during business hours at 607-255-5155, or email (please do not email personal health information).