Primary Care Services

Cornell Health provides primary care services for all students on Cornell’s Ithaca campus. [see Who We Serve]

"Primary care" is defined as the provision of general and continuing medical care for patients within a healthcare system designed to serve a community. This approach to healthcare is aligned with a university environment, where an individual’s needs are integrated and require coordination with specialty care or community resources. Students benefit from a patient-centered, collaborative, and team-based approach because they can get the resources they need to find health and thrive. Population health research has demonstrated the benefit of this approach to our systems and communities by increasing quality and decreasing cost (learn more).

At Cornell Health, we use a primary care model that addresses the whole-person – their physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being, as well as cultural, linguistic, and social needs – using appropriate clinical and supportive services that include acute, chronic, and preventive care, behavioral and mental health, health promotion, and public health.

Shared Principles of Primary Care: Person & Family Centered; Continuous; Comprehensive & Equitable; Team Based & Collaborative; Coordinated & Integrated; Accessible; High Value.

Image credit: Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative

Your Primary Care Provider at Cornell Health

Each Cornell student is assigned a Primary Care Provider (PCP) who will oversee your medical care and help support your health throughout your time at Cornell. When you need an appointment with a medical clinician, we recommend scheduling with your PCP whenever possible .

All of the PCPs at Cornell Health are credentialed medical clinicians – physicians (MDs, DOs), nurse practitioners (NPs), and physician assistants (PAs) – with outstanding educational and professional backgrounds and a passion for working with college students.

PCPs are part of medical teams located on Level 3Level 5, and Level 7. Your medical team is determined by where your PCP is located. Team members – including nursing staff, behavioral health consultants, nutritionists, and clinical administrative staff – work together with the PCPs to support patient care. When appropriate, medical team members also collaborate with Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) staff (who are co-located on Levels 3, 5, and 7), as well as Cornell Health physical therapists.   

The Specialty Services team, located on Level 4, is responsible for triage, immunizationsallergy services, and Travel Clinic services. These nursing and administrative professionals can help you determine the first steps to take in a medical situation, discern the right appointment or professional who can help you, and can meet specialty needs for allergy and travel services.

Our Lab & X-Ray staff, located on Level 2, also support the work of our Medical staff members.