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Cornell Health Ready to Combat Coronavirus
Cornell Chronicle, 3/26/20

Collegetown Vendors Adapt as Vaping Death Toll Prompts Tougher State Regulations
Cornell Daily Sun, 1/21/20

Chlamydia Tops List of Most Common STDs at Cornell
Cornell Daily Sun, 12/6/19

Mental Health Service Wait Time Decreased by 22 Days Since Reforms, CAPS Officials Say
Cornell Daily Sun, 11/12/19

In the Shadow of Party Culture, Alcohol Use Disorder Affects Cornell Students
Cornell Daily Sun, 10/30/19

On World Mental Health Day, A Look Back at Cornell Mental Health Policy Change
Cornell Daily Sun, 10/10/19

Body Positive Cornell Initiative Hopes to Push Back Against Societal Stereotypes About Weight and Health
Cornell Daily Sun, 9/26/19

Juuling Loses Its Cool: Collegetown Sales Slide and NY Bans Flavors
Cornell Daily Sun, 9/15/19

A Healthy Start to the School Year – How to Avoid Getting Sick When Back on Campus
Cornell Daily Sun, 9/2/19

Guest Room: Cornell Health Improves Access to Mental Health Services
Cornell Daily Sun, 8/27/19

Cornell to Implement Innovative Approach to Student Mental Health Services
Cornell Chronicle, 4/8/19

Lombardi Announces Mental Health Reforms, Students “Skeptical” But Hopeful
Cornell Daily Sun, 3/21/19

The Flu: Protecting yourself, safeguarding our community
Cornell Sun, 1/21/19

The Complex Reasons Sexual Assaults Go Unreported
The Wall Street Journal, 9/29/18

Cornell Health to Add Therapists, Expand Services to Meet Demand for Mental Health Support
Cornell Sun, 9/18/18

Upcoming Fall 2018 Flu Vaccine Clinics
Cornell Chronicle, 8/22/18

Preventing Suicide Among College Students
The New York Times, 7/2/18

Cornell Health's ‘Intervene’ Video and Workshop Receive Best Practices Award
Cornell Chronicle, 5/1/18

Mental Health Promotion And Suicide Prevention: How Is Cornell Supporting Students?
Cornell Daily Sun, 4/30/18

After Staff Hires, Cornell’s Mental Health Service Has Shorter Wait Periods
Cornell Daily Sun, 3/7/18

Cornell Reviews Its Mental Health Approach, Looks Ahead
Cornell Chronicle, 1/18/18

Cornell Health Dedication Highlights Vision, Generosity, Student Well-Being
Cornell Chronicle, 10/24/17

Cornell Health Opens Its Doors After Two-Year Reconstruction Project
Cornell Daily Sun, 8/24/17

Cornell Health to Become ‘Entirely New Facility’ After Construction
Cornell Daily Sun, 9/7/16

Gannett to Become ‘Cornell Health,’ Expands to Campus Road
Cornell Daily Sun, 6/29/16

Health Services to Move to New Addition Starting June 27
Cornell Chronicle, 6/24/16

Video: Groundbreaking ceremony for university health center expansion
CornellCast, 5/23/15

Digging in for Health Services’ $55M expansion
Cornell Chronicle, 5/23/15

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