Insurance & Billing

Cornell Health Billing Office

Contact our Billing Office at 607-255-7492 or with questions about Cornell Health copays, bills, and the student health fee.

Student Health Benefits

Contact Student Health Benefits at 607-255-6363 or with questions about Cornell's health insurance requirements, Student Health Plan, and dental and vision coverage. 

Summer 2021 information

Please check back for new information for Fall 2021 (effective August 1, 2021). 

Student insurance & health fee coverage

Cornell requires all students to have quality health coverage – whether they enroll in a Cornell student health plan (SHP or SHP+) or have a private insurance plan that meets Cornell’s requirements.

Ithaca students with private (non-SHP/SHP+) insurance plans pay a Student Health Fee to give them the same pre-paid access to care at Cornell Health that SHP members have, and to help support campus-wide health programs.

Visit Cornell's Student Health Benefits website for more information about the university's requirements, student health plans, and health fee.

Visit our Cost for Service page to learn more about how SHP, SHP+, and the Student Health Fee work at Cornell Health.

Other insurance + no health fee

For faculty, staff, and visitors (see Who We Serve), and the small number of students who neither are enrolled in SHP / SHP+ nor pay the Student Health Fee

Cornell Health submits claims directly to all Aetna plans, the Empire Plan (NYSHIP), and TRICARE.

Cornell Health's pharmacy submits claims directly to Aetna US Healthcare, Advance Pharmacy, Advance Rx, Advance PCS, Caremark, Cornell Student Health Plan, Express Scripts, FL Rx. Medimpact, and OptumRX.

If we don't participate with your insurance, you will be asked to pay or Bursar your charges at the time of care. We can provide you with a receipt so you can submit a claim to your insurance company for possible reimbursement (Cornell Health’s tax ID number is 15-0532082).

Please note: It may take 3-5 business days for all charges associated with your visit to appear in your statement (e.g. lab tests ordered during your visit may generate further charges if they are sent to outside labs or if they necessitate follow-up testing). If you obtain a printed receipt from a Cornell Health cashier before then, it may not reflect all charges.

Medicare and Medicaid: We are not able to bill directly to Medicare or Medicaid, but we can help connect you to providers who can. If you choose to receive care at Cornell Health, you will be responsible for the charges. If you need lab tests, x-rays, or other special procedures, please let your clinician know so we can make arrangements for you to have them done at Cayuga Medical Center, which does participate with Medicare and Medicaid.

Workers Compensation: Cornell Health does not participate with workers compensation insurance. (Students: Your medical provider can assess your injury / illness and refer you to a community provider for care; please tell both the receptionist and your provider if you are seeking care for a work-related injury. Faculty & staff: You should seek care with a community provider that accepts workers compensation insurance.)   

Automobile No Fault claims: Please tell both the receptionist and your medical provider if you are seeking care related to an automobile No Fault claim. We will need your insurance information and a claim number to submit your bill for coverage.

Payment options

Enrolled students:

Students have two options for paying for visit copays, pharmacy items, and any charges that are not covered by SHP, SHP+, or the Student Health Fee [see Cost for Service]:

  1. Automatic Bursar billing (default payment method)
    $10 visit copayments and other fees will be automatically applied to your Bursar bill, unless you instruct us differently. For your convenience, you may leave Cornell Health without stopping to see a cashier. (Charges will appear on your Bursar bill with a generic description – such as “Cornell Health services” or “Rx” – that will not reveal any confidential health information.)
  2. Check out and pay on Level 4 (optional)
    If you prefer that charges not be applied to your Bursar bill – for privacy or other reasons – check out at the cashier desk in the pharmacy. You may pay then by personal check or debit/credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express are accepted). Or you may request to pay online later by logging in to myCornellHealth. (NOTE: We no longer accept cash payments, except when privacy is a concern.) 

Students in absentia: See "Other insurance + no health fee" instructions above.


Please check out at the cashier desk in the pharmacy to pay with personal check, debit or credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express are accepted). 

Accessing bills through myCornellHealth

You can view and print billing statements – and access your appointment history and other information – by logging in to Cornell Health’s secure patient portal, myCornellHealth (Cornell NetID required). Please note that it may take 3-5 business days for all charges associated with a visit to appear on your statement.

Billing FAQs:

I'm concerned about confidentiality. Will my bill contain information about my care that may be seen by others?

All information about your health and health care at Cornell Health is confidential. However, please be aware of the following:

  • Charges that appear on your Bursar bill will include a generic description – such as “Cornell Health services” for counseling visits and most regular medical appointments – but will not include any confidential health information. Other descriptions commonly used to refer to health expenses include "Laboratory," "Radiology," and “Pharmacy” for prescription items.
  • Your Cornell Health bill will contain some brief information about your visit, including a “diagnostic code” that is required by insurance companies to process requests for reimbursement. If you’ve had a visit or procedure that you would like to keep to yourself, look closely at your statement before passing it on to anyone else.

Releasing confidential information: If you want Cornell Health to share information about your care – including details about expenses or bills – with a parent, partner, spouse, or anyone else, federal law requires us to get your written permission every time information is released. Some exceptions exist for students with pre-existing chronic health conditions that require extended treatment. Visit our Confidentiality & Patient Rights page for details.

Questions or concerns: If you have any concerns about the confidentiality of your health care, please speak with your health care provider or with a Billing Office staff member who can help you make choices about your bills to protect your confidentiality (please see a cashier in person, or call 607-255-7492).

    If I get birth control pills and put the charge on my Bursar bill, what will it say on my bill?

    All descriptions that are posted on the Bursar bill are very general. For instance, birth control pills would show as “Pharmacy” on your Bursar bill (and as “Rx” on your invoice/bill from Cornell Health). Charges for medical / sexual health visits are listed as "Cornell Health services."

      My Bursar bill shows a charge for a date when I wasn’t even at Cornell. What is this charge for?

      The date on the Bursar bill is the date Cornell Health sent the charge to the Bursar’s Office, not the date of service. If you have any questions regarding the actual date of the appointment being billed or about the charges in question, please contact our Billing Office at 607-255-7492.

        I'm interested in knowing how much a certain appointment, test, prescription, service, or supply costs. Can I find out about that before I come? 

        Sure. Start by referring to our Cost for Service page. If you still have questions, please call our Billing Office at 607-255-7492. We will be happy to give you current prices on any service we provide or product we sell. If you want to know about the availability or price of a particular medication or other pharmacy product, you can call the Cornell Health Pharmacy at 607-254-6337.

          How can I get reimbursed for my health care expenses at Cornell Health if I have an insurance plan Cornell Health does not participate with?

          You will need to get a copy of your bill, either from a Cornell Health cashier (after your visit) or by logging in to myCornellHealth (must have a Cornell NetID). Once you have the receipt, attach it to a completed claim form provided by your insurance company, and submit it to them. Please consult with your insurance company for details. (Cornell Health’s Tax ID number is 15-0532082.)

            I am a parent of a student who was seen at Cornell Health, and I need a receipt to submit to my insurance company. Can you send one to me?

            We will be happy to send a receipt directly to you. If your child is 18 or older, by law we must have their permission to do so. Please ask the student to contact us to sign a release so we can send you the information. It might be easier for your student to use myCornellHealth (our secure patient portal) to print a copy of the receipt to send to you.
            For more information about our approach to communication with parents and confidentiality/privacy issues, please refer to our Especially for Parents & Guardians page.

              What is Cornell Health's tax ID number?

              If you have private insurance and need to complete billing paperwork, it is likely that you will be asked for Cornell Health’s tax ID number. It is 15-0532082.

                I submitted a waiver for Cornell's Student Health Plan, but the charge for the premium is still on my Bursar bill. Can you fix this for me?

                Cornell's Student Health Benefits office can help you with your questions and concerns about the waiver process, plan coverage, etc. You can reach them at 607-255-6363 or at

                Cornell Health's Billing Office (607-255-7492) can help you with your questions and concerns about all charges incurred at Cornell Health.

                If you have questions about financial matters related to your health care, and you're not sure who to call, feel free to call the Billing Office (607-255-7492) or speak with a cashier. We'll help you figure out what to do next.

                  I got a bill from LabCorp or Cayuga Medical Center, but I had my lab work done at Cornell Health. What’s going on?

                  We are fortunate to have a laboratory right on site that performs many of the diagnostic tests needed by Cornell Health patients. However, there are some lab tests that cannot be performed in-house. If one of our clinicians orders a test for you that cannot be performed here at Cornell Health, we send the specimen to another lab (usually LabCorp, sometimes Cayuga Medical Center) that will complete the test and charge you for their services. These labs will bill your insurance if you provide the information.

                    I've given you my new address, but I keep getting bills at my old one. Can you help?

                    The student contact information in Cornell Health’s database is automatically updated every week by the Cornell Registrar. While we are able to change an address in our system, the change will be overwritten by the Registrar’s information the following week unless you change it there, too.

                    In order to fix the problem at the source, take two minutes to go to the CU Registrar’s Student Center page and confirm or change your address information. Be sure to update this information whenever you move.

                    IMPORTANT: Please enter and designate as your “preferred phone number” the phone number you'd like Cornell Health to use when communicating health information. The phone number entered must be a U.S. ten digit number (including area code).