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Cornell Health's Skorton Center for Health Initiatives publishes the monthly Health Promoting Campus newsletter to share resources and information to support student wellbeing.

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Let's CU Flourish (formerly Thrive) newsletter archive

FALL 2023

December 13th Edition

November 30th Edition

November 15th Edition

October 25th Edition

October 12th Edition

September 20th Edition

September 6th Edition

August 23rd Edition

SPRING 2023:

May 8 Edition

April 10th Edition

March 28th Edition

March 1st Edition

January 30th Edition

Fall 2022:

December 12th Edition

December 1st Edition

November 3rd Edition

October 21st Edition

October 6th Edition

September 22nd Edition

September 8th Edition

August 25th Edition

Spring 2022:

May 19th Edition

May 3rd Edition

April 26th Edition

April 19th Edition

April 12th Edition

March 29th Edition

March 22nd Edition

March 14th Edition

March 8th Edition

March 1st Edition

February 22nd Edition

February 15th Edition

February 8th Edition

February 1st Edition 

January 25th Edition

Fall 2021:

December 7th Edition

November 23rd Edition

November 16th Edition

November 8th Edition

October 27th Edition

October 12th Edition

September 28th Edition

September 21st Edition

September 14th Edition

September 7th Edition

August 31st Edition

Cornell Quaranzine newsletter archive

"Thrive @ Cornell" was formerly called the "Cornell Quaranzine." 

Spring 2021:

May 18th Edition

May 11th Edition

May 4th Edition

April 28th Edition

April 21st Edition

April 13th Edition

April 6th Edition

March 30th Edition

March 23rd Edition

March 8th Edition

March 2nd Edition

February 23rd Edition

February 16th Edition

February 10th Edition

February 2nd Edition

Fall 2020:

December 16th Edition

December 8th Edition

December 1st Edition

November 18th Edition

November 11th Edition

November 2nd Edition

October 28th Edition

October 20th Edition

October 13th Edition

October 7th Edition

September 30th Edition

September 23rd Edition

September 16th Edition

September 9th Edition

September 3rd Edition

"Supporting Your Well-being During Times of Difficulty" newsletter – Spring 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on the Cornell community, staff members from our Skorton Center for Health Initiatives published this newsletter from March through the end of May to share resources for comfort, support, and inspiration. 

Newsletter archive:

May 19th Edition

May 15th Edition

May 12th Edition

May 8th Edition

May 5th Edition

May 1st Edition

April  28th Edition

April 24th Edition

April 21st Edition

April 17th Edition

April 15th Edition 

April 10th Edition

April 7th Edition 

April 3rd Edition 

March 31st Edition

March 27th Edition

March 24th Edition

March 20th Edition