Online prescription refills

Log in to myCornellHealth and select “Messages and Pharmacy Services,” then “New Message.”

Prescribing clinicians

We are listed under "Cornell – zip code 14853" in the Surescript network.

Pharmacy: 607-255-6976
24/7 automated refills: 607-254-6337
Fax: 607-254-5042
Hours: See our Hours page
Location & parking: Cornell Health, Level 4; please see below for parking info
Licensed name: "Gannett Cornell University Health Services Pharmacy"

Cornell Health Pharmacy

The Cornell Health Pharmacy welcomes all community members – including students, faculty, staff members, and visitors. We are open to the public, and invite you to rely on us for ...

  • Prescriptions: We fill prescriptions from both Cornell Health clinicians and non-Cornell providers (see below). If we do not have a medication or supply in stock, we can order it and usually receive it the next day.
  • Self-care supplies: We offer a wide variety of popular non-prescription self-care supplies, medications, healthy snacks, herbal teas, and other products that support your health and wellness (see below).
  • Consultation: Our pharmacists can provide private consultation about your prescription medications, including how to take them, potential side effects, and drug interactions. We can also help you choose the best non-prescription medication for your needs.

Learn more about ...

Pharmacy insurance plans

The Cornell Health Pharmacy accepts the following insurance plans. Please bring your insurance card, or a photo of your card on your phone.

  • Cornell Student Health Plans (SHP & SHP-M) (BIN 610502)
  • Aetna US Healthcare (BIN 610502)
  • Advance Rx (BIN 004336)
  • Advance PCS (BIN 610415, 610239)
  • Caremark (BIN 610029)
  • Express Scripts / Medco (BIN 003858, 610014)
  • FLRx (BIN 003585)
  • Medimpact
  • Optum (BIN 610279, 610127)

If you have one of the insurance plans we accept (listed above) — we can bill your plan directly. You will be responsible for the copay when you pick up your prescription.

If you have a different insurance plan — you will need to pay for your prescription in full (see payment options below), and we will provide you with a receipt that you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

Prescription copays, costs, & payment options

For those insured by Cornell's Student Health Plan (SHP), the 2016-2017 prescription copays for a 30-day supply are:

  • $12 (for generic)
  • $40 (for preferred brand name)
  • $60 (for non-preferred brand name)

For all other accepted insurance plans (see above) – please check with your individual insurance company for information about prescription copays.

If we do not accept your insurance plan – you will need to pay for your prescription in full, and we can provide you with a receipt that you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. You may ask our pharmacist for the price of a medication before getting your prescription filled by calling 607-255-6976 during business hours, or by sending a secure message through myCornellHealth (select "Messages and Pharmacy Services" and then "New Message").

Paying for prescriptions:
You can Bursar-bill your prescription charge (students only), or pay with cash, check, or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover) at a cashier desk on Level 4. Staff and faculty may provide their Cornell NetID to have bills sent to their home.

How to fill, refill, or transfer a prescription

Online: Log in to myCornellHealth (available 24/7), select “Messages and Pharmacy Services,” and then “New Message.”

By phone: You may also call our 24/7 automated refill service at 607-254-6337.

Time required:

  • Please give the Cornell Health Pharmacy at least 24 hours to refill a prescription we have on file.
  • Please give your Cornell Health medical provider at least 48 hours to renew a prescription (i.e. send a refill request on your behalf to the Cornell Health Pharmacy, or to another pharmacy).

Tell us when you want to pick up your prescription:

Send us a message by logging in to myCornellHealth and selecting “Messages and Pharmacy Services,” and then “New Message.”

Rules for transferring prescriptions to (or from) the Cornell Health Pharmacy:

In accordance with New York State Pharmacy Law, our pharmacy staff can only transfer one refill to or from your home pharmacy. If more than one refill is required, the prescribing clinician must authorize it. We need the phone number of either the other pharmacy OR your clinician in order to authorize the refills. (Your patience is appreciated. Very often phone lines are busy or your home pharmacy is in a different time zone, and we have to wait for them to open for business.)

Prescriptions from non-Cornell providers

Prescriptions from non-Cornell Health providers within New York State must be e-scribed to the Cornell Health Pharmacy (listed as "Cornell – zip code 14853" in the Surescript network) to comply with NY State Law.

Prescriptions from out-of-state providers can be dropped off, phoned in (607-255-6976), faxed (607-254-5042), or e-scribed to the Gannett Pharmacy (listed as "Cornell - zip code 14853" in the Surescript network).

Federal law does not allow pharmacies to fill prescriptions ordered by providers outside of the U.S.

Note: Most prescriptions for controlled substances (e.g., Adderall) are subject to both federal and state regulations. Talk with our pharmacist to learn more about filling C2 medications at Cornell Health.

Getting refills when you're away from campus

If you have refills on your prescription and you need more medication when you’re away from campus, request a prescription transfer to another pharmacy by logging in to myCornellHealth and selecting “Messages and Pharmacy Services,” “New Message,” then “Transfer a prescription.” See “How to Fill, Refill, or Transfer a Prescription” above for complete details.

Or, you may take your prescription label from Cornell Health to a pharmacy in your area. The pharmacy can then call us and ask us to transfer the prescription to them so they can fill it. (Note: some State laws prevent this.) Be sure you have the phone number for the Cornell Health Pharmacy available when you make the request (607-255-6976).

Travel medicines

We regularly fill prescriptions from our Travel Clinic and from outside providers. Please check in with us after your travel appointment to fill your prescription and plan your prescription pick-up.

Please note:

  • Your insurance company may not allow you to pick up your medication more than two weeks before your departure. We can get your information in advance and notify you when the prescription is approved and ready for pick up.
  • If your prescription is greater than a 30-day supply, we may need to call your insurance company to get approval. We will need to know your destination, date of departure, and date of return.

OptumRX prescriptions for employees

The Cornell Health Pharmacy is a pickup location for OptumRX maintenance and specialty medications (see details here).

Cornell employees with Aetna health plans can also fill and pick up OptumRX 90-day prescriptions at the Cornell Health Pharmacy rather than having them filled by OptumRX and mail-delivered to their home. The prescription copay is the same as through OptumRX Home Delivery: $10 for generic medications, $60 for preferred medications, and $90 for non-preferred medications.

To participate, ask your clinician to “e-scribe” your 90-day prescription to the Cornell Health Pharmacy (listed as “Cornell – zip code 14853” in the Surescript network). When we receive your prescription, we will keep it on file until you contact us (607-255-6976 or myCornellHealth) to fill it for you. We do not auto-fill prescriptions.

Disposing of medications & sharps

Medication disposal

Improper disposal of old and unused medications – even over-the-counter medicines – can pose a significant health risk to others. Never flush such medicines down the sink or toilet, or throw them in the trash. Doing so puts dangerous chemicals into our water supply and into the soil.

Instead, bring unused medications (tablets, capsules, patches, and liquids) to the Cornell Health Pharmacy for safe disposal. Original packaging is not required; just be sure all items are properly sealed.

Other drop box locations:

  • Cornell University Police (G2 Barton Hall)
  • Tompkins County Sheriff 
  • Ithaca Police Department
  • Cayuga Heights Police Department
  • Dryden Police Department
  • TC3 Police Department (Dryden)
  • Groton Police Department
  • Trumansburg Police Department
  • For other drop box addresses, call 2-1-1

Sharps containers

"Sharps" containers are made for the safe disposal of used needles and syringes. They are typically made of hard plastic so that needles cannot poke through.

If you use needles or syringes – for any purpose – please purchase a sharps container (available at the Cornell Health Pharmacy, and at most other pharmacies). You may return the container to the Cornell Health Pharmacy for safe sharps disposal, at no charge.

Improper disposal of needles and syringes can pose a significant health risk to others. Please dispose of sharps safely. If you are aware of a location where sharps pose a risk to others, print and post this flyer (pdf). 

Non-prescription self-care supplies

The Cornell Health Pharmacy maintains a large inventory of non-prescription items and health supplies our customers want and need most.

Among hundreds of items, you’ll find:

  • medicines and pain killers to manage symptoms of headache, cold, flu, sore throat, allergies, stomach and intestinal distress, etc.
  • first aid kits and supplies (antibiotic ointment, bandages, band-aids, cold/hot packs)
  • sexual health supplies (male and female condoms, lube, sponges, non-prescription emergency contraception)
  • oral hygiene supplies (tooth brushes, tooth paste, mouth wash)
  • eye and ear care supplies (saline solution, contact lens cleaner, eye drops, ear plugs, ear wax remover)
  • feminine hygiene supplies (pads, tampons, yeast infection treatment)
  • shampoo, lotion, sunscreen, and other personal care items
  • vitamins and supplements
  • light boxes and full-spectrum light bulbs
  • sharps containers
  • travel supplies
  • healthy snacks
  • local herbal teas

If you have questions, our pharmacists will be happy to help you help you choose the best over-the-counter medication(s) for your needs. If you don't see what you need, please let us know. We welcome suggestions for improving our inventory.

Location & parking

We have just moved in to our new space, just inside Cornell Health's Ho Plaza entrance. Please come to visit us!

There are 7 patient / client parking spaces – including 2 handicap-permit spaces – beneath the building underpass, next to our accessible entrance [see map here]. The fee is $3/hour (plus a $.35 transaction fee) through Parkmobile. Don't have a SmartPhone to access Parkmobile online? You can call 877-727-5730 and pay over the phone. If you need a phone, please come inside to the 1st-floor cashier's desk.

Our parking is managed through Transportation Services. Please contact their office if you have questions or concerns related to parking on campus.