Campus Collaborations

Staff members in the Skorton Center for Health Initiatives collaborate with student organizations and other student leaders, as well as faculty and staff, to support the health and well-being of the Cornell campus community. If you’re interested in getting involved in health and wellness initiatives, consider joining one of the student organizations dedicated to health and well-being below:

Cornell topic-specific coalitions

Coalition on Mental Health

The Coalition on Mental Health serves as a forum for staff, faculty, and students to share information and engage in discussion related to emerging trends, research findings, and campus initiatives in support of mental health and well-being. Members of the Coalition examine student health priorities including the promotion of mental health, suicide prevention, alcohol and other drug abuse, and hazing. The Coalition will also address the intersection of these priority areas with sexual and interpersonal violence and bias.

Meeting minutes

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For more information, contact Catherine Thrasher-Carroll, Mental Health Promotion Program Director 

Coalition on Sexual Violence Prevention

The Coalition on Sexual Violence Prevention serves as a forum for staff, faculty, students, and community partners to examine the campus environment, consider prevention strategies, policies, procedures, and services, and explore opportunities for fostering cultural change, reducing risks, and increasing support for members of the community affected by sexual violence.  

Greek Culture Change Coalition (GC3)

The Greek Culture Change Coalition (formerly known as the Greek Health and Wellness Initiative) is a collaboration between the Skorton Center for Health Initiatives and the Greek community. GC3 began in Fall 2012 when fraternity and sorority members approached Cornell Health (formerly Gannett Health Services) as part of a larger campus movement to improve the health & well-being of students. The goal of GC3 is to provide Greek chapter representatives with the support and resources necessary to meet each chapter’s unique physical, mental, and emotional health needs. Chapter representatives are responsible for:

  • developing an understanding of the interconnectedness of mental health, alcohol and other drug use and abuse, sexual violence and hazing
  • working collaboratively to identify, develop, and implement strategies to improve health and well-being within chapters that can benefit the overall Tri-Council community
  • serving as an ambassador of their chapter and working to enact positive culture change within their community

Interested chapters should contact the Public Health Fellows (Baba Adejuyigbe, Jane Hinkle, and Tamsin Smith) who coordinate GC3.

Quotes from past Health and Wellness Chairs:

  •  “[GHWI] sparks real and easy conversation about things that we tend to ignore or are told to disregard when it comes to being a part of Greek Life.” – IFC Chair, Spring 2017
  • “[GHWI is a] great opportunity to discuss issues that aren't normally discussed amongst our chapters. It's so important that more chapters institute this… because there is so much that can be done to improve the health of our communities.” – Panhel Chair, Spring 2017
  • “[I like having] the opportunity to help… people who are having problems and help these people resolve their problems. It is a special thing to know that you are part of the reason that someone has become a healthier person.” – IFC Chair, Spring 2017

Partnerships with other student collaborations