Especially for Student Athletes


Whether you’re on a club, intramural, or NCAA team – or engage in other athletic activities such as biking, skiing, or martial arts – this page is for you.

Intercollegiate (NCAA) student athletes

  • Our Sports Medicine team works closely with Cornell’s coaches and athletic trainers to provide intercollegiate athletes with primary medical care, yearly sports clearances, and treatment for injuries and illness.
  • Please visit our Sports Medicine page for more information.

All students who are athletes

We provide integrated medical and mental health care to help students stay in peak condition – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Services include:

Concussion baseline testing

The online ImPACT Concussion Baseline Test is recommended for students whose regular physical activity puts them at higher-than-average risk of head injury or concussion.

Students can take this free, online test to get baseline measurements of cognitive function, including memory and reaction time. In the event that you have a head injury or concussion in the future, your clinician can use the results – in conjunction with a clinical examination and symptom scoring – to assist with assessment and treatment. (Results are NOT viewed by Cornell Health staff members unless you suffer from a head injury or concussion.)


NCAA athletes:

  • The ImPACT Test is required of all incoming NCAA athletes as part of the initial Sports Clearance Process.
  • You will be directed to take the test using the instructions on page 3 of the Sports Clearance Instructions/Form (pdf).
  • Do NOT use the instructions for non-NCAA athletes, below.