Student Disability Services

Student Disability Services (SDS) assists students with physical, medical, mental health, and sensory disabilities to participate fully in the Cornell experience.

SDS staff members are responsible for:

  • Establishing and disseminating criteria for disability services
  • Meeting with students to discuss access needs
  • Receiving and storing confidential disability documentation to support a student’s eligibility for disability services and accommodations
  • Collaborating with faculty and staff regarding essential course and/or program requirements and appropriate reasonable accommodation

The role of SDS also includes educating the campus community about disability issues, and helping to create and sustain a welcoming, accessible, and supportive environment for all Cornell students.

> Learn more on the Student Disability Services website

> Contact the Student Disability Services office

> Learn more about accessibility at Cornell Health

SDS is a department of Cornell Health, located on Level 5 in the Cornell Health building on Ho Plaza.