Cornell Health staff members in PPE

Our doors are currently locked, even when we're open. Learn about what to expect when visiting our building.

Routine / preventive care visits

Please note that we are limiting routine and preventive care medical visits to focus resources on COVID-19 testing and care. There may be a longer wait than usual for these visits. 

24/7 phone consultation

Call us at 607-255-5155 any time, day or night:

  • Consult with a medical provider: #1 
  • Consult with a licensed therapist: #2 

Learn more about phone consultation.

Current services

In keeping with CDC guidelines for Pandemic Operations, we are offering limited in-person services, with the majority of our routine services provided via telehealth. 

Available to students in Ithaca:

  • In-person services include pre-screened COVID-19 diagnostic testing, select medical appointments and physical therapy appointments, and pharmacy services. See details on our Care During COVID-19 page.
  • Telehealth services include medical, mental health, nutrition, physical therapy, sexual health, and support service appointments. Learn more on our Telehealth Services page. 

Available to students outside Ithaca:

Schedule an appointment 

Please call 607-255-5155 during business hours to schedule telehealth appointments and be pre-screened for visits.


What to expect when you visit our building

Our doors are currently locked, even when we're open. That's so we can limit the number of people entering our building in order to protect students and our staff from being unnecessarily exposed to COVID-19.

When you schedule an in-person appointment, you should come to our building at your scheduled appointment time and call the phone number posted on our door to let us know you're here. A staff member dressed in full PPE (mask, gown, face shield) will meet you at the door, take your temperature, and note any symptoms you have before escorting you to the next appropriate location within Cornell Health. 

Note: Most students will be asked to arrive at the Ho Plaza entrance (Level 4). However students with mobility-related issues may also arrive at Level 1.

Pre-appointment questionnaires 

Pre-appointment questionnaires are required for most appointments (not required for allergy and immunization visits).

You must complete your pre-appointment questionnaire(s) before your visit. Log in to myCornellHealth and click "Appointments."

  • If questionnaires are not completed before your visit, you may be asked to reschedule.
  • If a questionnaire you receive does not seem to match your health concern, call us during business hours (607-255-5155) to discuss.

Note: Occupational Medicine patients will receive questionnaire information by email with instructions for accessing questionnaires through myCority, not myCornellHealth. 

Canceling / rescheduling appointments

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please do so at least 24 hours before your appointment time

By phone: Call 607-255-5155* (PT patients: call 607-255-7217; OccMed patients: call 607-255-6960
Online: log in to myCornellHealth (not available to Occupational Medicine patients)

*If you have already completed your pre-appointment questionnaire, please CALL if you would like to reschedule your appointment so you do not have to complete a new questionnaire.