Sexual Health Care

Cornell Health provides sensitive and confidential sexual health care – including medical services, counseling, and consultation – for all Cornell students.

Our multidisciplinary medical and mental health providers strive to deliver care that is respectful and responsive to students’ diverse needs, experiences, gender identities, sexual orientations, and values.

We provide:

View our Sexual Health & Relationships page for more resources and information.

Getting care

Medical care

Schedule an appointment by calling 607-255-5155 during business hours (press 3 for appointments).

Or log in to myCornellHealth and select Appointments, then Medical Care. If you’re having a problem related to your sexual health, select “I have an illness or problem.” If you want to schedule a preventive exam / health screening, get tested for STIs (but don’t have symptoms), want to discuss birth control, or would like a pregnancy test, select “I need an appointment not related to an illness or problem.”

Mental health care

Visit our Mental Health Care page to learn more about the counseling and support services we offer, including individual counseling and group counseling. You may also stop by a “Let’s Talk” site for a free, informal consultation with a Cornell Health counselor.


There is no cost for asymptomatic STI screenings and preventive visits, behavioral health consultation, and some counseling services.

Most other services are $10 / visit.

Learn more on our Cost for Service page.


Your care at Cornell Health is confidential. If you have questions about confidentially – related to billing, health records, or anything else – visit our Confidentiality & Patient Rights page.