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Cornell Tech students should also refer to these health & wellness resources listed on Cornell Tech's Student & Academic Affairs website.

New student health requirements

All new Cornell students – including Cornell Tech students – must complete the university’s New Student Health Requirements before attending an in-person academic program. Learn how to meet your requirements.

Mental health care & support

Cornell Health and Cornell Tech are entering into a new partnership to support the mental health of students enrolled in New York City-based programs. This partnership will officially begin with the hiring of an embedded therapist located at Cornell Tech, and will continue to evolve to meet the needs of students. 

Beginning August 26, 2024, the following services will be available to Cornell students enrolled in these New York City-based programs:

  • Cornell Tech
  • Architecture, Art  & Planning – NYC
  • Architecture, Art  & Planning – NYC Graduate Studies
  • Cornell Financial Engineering – Manhattan
  • Master of Science in Advanced Urban Design

This information does not apply to Weill Cornell Medicine students, who have access to their own health services.

It also does not apply to students studying in New York City in programs other than those listed above; these students should visit our Especially for Students Outside of Ithaca page for resources and support. If you have questions about your eligibility for the services below, please email

Mental health support from Cornell Health 

Students enrolled in the programs listed above have access to the following mental health services provided by Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS). Services are supported through Cornell’s student health fee (see health fee information below).

Counseling, support, and referrals with an embedded Cornell Health counselor 

Cornell Health is in the process of hiring an embedded therapist at Cornell Tech to support students in New York City-based programs. As part of the Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) team, this counselor will be available to students in the programs listed above to provide counseling, support, crisis management services, and referrals (in person and by Zoom). They will also be responsible for collaborating with campus colleagues to provide community-based support. 

COST: There will be a $10 copay for counseling appointments (automatically Bursar-billed; your insurance will not be charged for appointments with the embedded therapist). 

HOW TO ACCESS CARE: Beginning August 26, students can schedule a CAPS access appointment to initiate care with Cornell Tech’s embedded therapist, or be referred to other services and support. 

Online group counseling led by Cornell Health counselors 

Students can access any of Cornell Health’s Ithaca-based counseling groups that meet by Zoom. Groups are led by counselors in Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) and address concerns and experiences common among undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. 

COST: There is no out-of-pocket cost for participating in group counseling. 

HOW TO ACCESS CARE: Beginning August 26, students who are interested in joining a counseling group can schedule a group counseling orientation. Students may also be referred to group counseling through an access appointment or by the embedded counselor at Cornell Tech.

Online workshops led by Cornell Health counselors 

Students can access any of Cornell Health’s Ithaca-cased CAPS-led workshops provided online throughout the year. 

Cost: There is no charge to participate in Cornell Health’s workshops. 

HOW TO ACCESS CARE: Beginning August 26, students can register for a workshop in advance, or attend on a drop-in basis.  

24/7 phone consultation

Students anywhere in the United States can call Cornell Health 24/7 (607-255-5155) to speak with a medical or mental health provider from our staff or from our on-call service. The provider will help you determine what care is needed, provide self-care information, and can refer you to services in your area, when appropriate. 

Learn more about 24/7 phone consultation.

Other mental health resources 

Students can access mental health support through Rivia Mind or Teladoc, as well as any other off-campus provider or telehealth service. ThrivingCampus can help students search for individual providers. 

Rivia Mind

Rivia Mind in Midtown Manhattan provides counseling and psychiatry services (in person and online), and accepts a wide range of insurance, including Cornell’s Student Health Plan (SHP). Students can schedule an appointment with a Rivia Mind provider of your choice, or schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with Rivia Mind to learn more about their services and which provider(s) might be a good fit. Rivia Mind is not affiliated with Cornell. Students may seek out or use other resources than the ones appearing on this webpage.


Teladoc, a national telehealth services provider, offers online appointments with therapists available 7 days a week, as well as psychiatry support, medical care, and dermatology. Teladoc accepts Cornell’s Student Health Plan (see information for SHP members); students with other insurance should check their plan for coverage of services provided by Teladoc or other telehealth providers.

Search for other mental health care providers 

Cornell Health partners with ThrivingCampus to make it easier for students to connect with mental health care providers in their area, or online. Students can search the ThrivingCampus directory to find providers who are accepting new clients, and filter results based on your location, insurance, and your needs and preferences. View our tips for finding an off-campus mental health provider (pdf) for more guidance.  

Other Cornell support services

Student Disability Services

Cornell Health’s Student Disability Services (SDS) staff help students with physical, medical, mental health, and sensory disabilities participate fully in the Cornell experience. If you have a disability for which you need accommodations, please register your needs directly with SDS.

Student Support and Advocacy Services

The Office of Student Support and Advocacy Services assists students in navigating difficult life events and crisis situations that impact their ability to be successful. As a resource within the Office of the Dean of Students, they serve as the central point of contact for students, families, and community members, and collaborate with campus partners to holistically support students. Learn how to get support for yourself or refer a student you’re concerned about.

Student health fee

Cornell Tech students, as well as those enrolled in the programs listed above, pay a student health fee to help support student access to mental health care and support in New York City.

The New York City student health fee for the 2024-2025 academic year is $170 / semester, billed to students’ Bursar bills at the start of each semester.

Cornell students studying on the Ithaca and Geneva campuses, and students studying at Weill Cornell Medicine, also pay student health fees to support access to care and support on their own campuses.