PT Exercise Videos

The following videos are designed to demonstrate exercises that were prescribed to you by your Cornell Health physical therapist.

Please follow the recommendations given to you by your physical therapist during your appointment(s). If any of the exercises cause you pain, or if you are unable to perform them correctly, please stop and speak with your physical therapist before proceeding.

Closed captioning: Real-time text transcription is available for these videos. Once you start a video, click on the "interactive transcript" button just below the video.

Ankle Strengthening exercises:

  1. Ankle Dorsiflexion with Band
  2. Ankle Eversion with Band
  3. Ankle Inversion with Band
  4. Ankle Plantarflexion with Band
  5. Single Leg Balance
  6. Single Limb Stance on Pillow

Lower Extremity Range of Motion exercises:

  1. Heel Slides on Wall
  2. Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch
  3. Prone Knee Flexion
  4. Standing Gastrocnemius Stretch at Wall
  5. Standing Quad Stretch
  6. Standing Quad Stretch with Towel
  7. Standing Soleus Stretch at Wall
  8. Supine Hip External Rotation
  9. Supine Hip External Rotation with Towel
  10. Supine Hip Internal Rotation

Lower Extremity Strengthening exercises:

  1. Clamshells
  2. Double Leg Bridge
  3. Downward Dog with TKE / Pumping  
  4. Fire Hydrant
  5. Forward Step Tos
  6. Forward Step Ups
  7. Glute Bridge with Hip Extension  
  8. Hamstring Curls on Therapy Ball
  9. Hamstring Eccentrics with Cable Column or Band  
  10. Kneeling Plank Hip Extension
  11. Lateral Step Downs
  12. Monster Walks
  13. Quad Sets with Towel Roll
  14. Short Arc Quad
  15. Single Leg Bridge
  16. Single Leg Hamstring Curl on Therapy Ball
  17. Single Leg Stance with Hip Shift 
  18. Standing Forward Lunge
  19. Standing Squat
  20. Steamboat Abduction
  21. Steamboat Adduction
  22. Steamboat Extensions
  23. Steamboat Forward Flexion
  24. Straight Leg Raise
  25. Straight Leg Raise in Side Lying
  26. Straight Leg Raise in Side Lying Adduction
  27. Straight Leg Raise Prone
  28. Terminal Knee Extension

Neural Glide exercises:

  1. Brachial Plexus Neural Glide 
  2. Neural Glide Ulnar Bias
  3. Neural Glide with Median Bias
  4. Neural Glide with Radial Bias
  5. Neural Glide with Radial Bias and Head Tilt
  6. Neural Glide with Ulnar Bias and Head Tilt
  7. Supine Lower Extremity Neural Glide

Scapular Strengthening exercises:

  1. Elbow Plank on Wall with Single Leg Extension 
  2. Hip Extension from Quadruped 
  3. Plank on Elbows and Half Knee 
  4. Plank on Elbows and Knees with Leg Extension 
  5. Plank on Hands with Leg Lifts 
  6. Plank with Feet on Wall with Mountain Climber 
  7. Press Back 
  8. Scapular Setting 
  9. Standing Scapular Retraction - Bent elbows
  10. Standing Scapular Retraction - Straight elbows

Shoulder Range of Motion exercises:

  1. Assisted External Rotation at 45 Degrees
  2. Assisted External Rotation at 90 Degrees
  3. Assisted External Rotation in Neutral
  4. Assisted Flexion in Lying
  5. Partner Assisted Chest Stretch 
  6. Sleeper Stretch

Shoulder Strengthening exercises:

  1. Dips
  2. Isotonic Flexion
  3. Isotonic Scaption
  4. Prone Arms at 120 Degrees
  5. Prone Arms at 90 Degrees
  6. Push-Up Plus
  7. Push-Up Plus on Table
  8. Shoulder Flexion with Opposite Arm Isometric Hold
  9. Shoulder Scaption with Opposite Arm Isometric Hold
  10. Side Lying External Rotation
  11. Supine Serratus Punch
  12. Wall Perturbations with Ball

Shoulder Strengthening with Bands exercises:

  1. Lawn Mower
  2. Robber
  3. Shoulder External Rotation at 45 Degrees
  4. Shoulder External Rotation at 90 Degrees
  5. Shoulder External Rotation in Neutral
  6. Shoulder Internal Rotation at 45 degrees
  7. Shoulder Internal Rotation at 90 degrees
  8. Shoulder Internal Rotation in Neutral
  9. Wall Walking with Bands

Spine Exercise exercises:

  1. Prone Press-Ups with Lock and Sag
  2. Prone Press-Ups
  3. Repeated Extension in Lying with Towel
  4. Repeated Extension in Quadruped
  5. Repeated Extension with Belt Over Ironing Board
  6. Thoracic Extension Mobilization on Chair
  7. Thoracic Extension Mobilization Quadruped
  8. Thoracic Extension Mobilization Seat with Towel Roll
  9. Thoracic Rotation Mobilization Quadruped
  10. Tin Soldier

Stretching / Range of Motion exercises (other):

  1. Thumb Stretch