Annual Flu Vaccination

Other locations in Ithaca offering flu vaccination

  • Wegmans Pharmacy in downtown Ithaca
  • CVS Pharmacy at Target 
  • Nearby CVS, Kinney Drugs, and Walgreens pharmacies
  • Local primary care providers (staff and faculty only)

Cost: Flu vaccination is covered by SHP, SHP+, and Cornell employee plans, as well as most other insurance plans. (Don't forget your pharmacy insurance card.)

Students: If you receive your flu shot elsewhere, be sure to upload proof of your vaccination to meet your flu vaccination requirement. 


Cornell's community-wide flu vaccination clinics have concluded for this academic year. 

2020-2021 flu vaccination requirement for Ithaca students

Per Cornell's COVID-19 Behavioral Compact, flu vaccination is required for all students studying in Ithaca during 2020-2021 academic year. Learn more below about why Cornell is requiring flu vaccination for students, and how to request an exemption.

Students are expected to receive their flu vaccination by February 15, 2021.

How to meet your requirement:

Your options include ...

  • Get your flu shot off campus (on-campus flu vaccine clinics have concluded for spring 2021). Vaccination is available at most pharmacies (local pharmacies include Wegmans Pharmacy, CVS Pharmacy at Target, and CVS, Kinney Drugs, and Walgreens) and is covered by most insurance plans, including SHP and SHP+. Be sure to upload proof of your vaccination to meet your requirement. 
  • Request an exemption. Learn how to request an exemption.


Why is Cornell requiring flu vaccination? 

Flu vaccination has always been strongly recommended for Cornell students, due to the highly contagious nature of influenza and the close proximity within which students live and study.

For the 2020-2021 academic year, Cornell is requiring through its Behavioral Compact flu vaccination for Ithaca-based students as a public health strategy in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The university's goal is to limit the occurrences and spread of influenza among our campus population so medical services and other support resources can be fully available to serve students who may be exposed to COVID-19.

More information about the importance of flu vaccination during the COVID-19 pandemic can be found on the CDC website.

Can I request an exemption to the flu vaccination requirement?

Yes. See the final Q&A on our Health Requirements FAQs page for details and instructions.

Students who identify as Black, Indigenous, or as a Person of Color (BIPOC) may have personal concerns about fulfilling the Compact requirements based on historical injustices and current events, and may find this information helpful.

What if I live off campus and am taking all of my classes online?

The flu vaccination requirement applies to all students studying in the Ithaca area. However, you may apply for an exemption if you have concerns or extenuating circumstances that affect your ability to meet this requirement. Please see the previous Q&A. 

Can I get my flu vaccination elsewhere?

Yes. If you get your flu vaccination elsewhere, you can meet your flu vaccination requirement by providing proof of your vaccination by uploading documentation in our secure patient portal. Log in to myCornellHealth and select "Flu Vaccination Documentation" on the homepage to upload your documentation.

How can I check to see whether I've met my flu vaccination requirement?

Your compliance status is available in Cornell's Spring Checklist. If you are not yet in compliance with Cornell's flu vaccination requirement, you will find instructions for meeting your requirement. If you believe your compliance status is incorrect, please email us

How can a get a copy of my Cornell flu vaccination record?

Students: A record of your immunization will be available in our secure patient portal, myCornellHealth. Log in using your Cornell NetID and password, and click on "Immunization Record."

Other community members: If you attended one of our flu vaccine clinics, Wegmans makes every effort to share your flu vaccination record with your primary care provider, based on the information you provide at the time of your flu shot. If you need a record of your immunization, please contact Wegmans Pharmacy. Cornell Health does not keep immunization records for non-students.