Annual Flu Vaccination

Getting vaccinated each year is one of the BEST ways to protect yourself – and others – against seasonal influenza.

Annual flu vaccination is always strongly recommended for college students due to the highly contagious nature of influenza and the close proximity within which students live and study. (See information for people who are at higher risk of developing flu-related complications.)

Flu vaccination is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic to help prevent individuals from conflating symptoms or experiencing both illnesses simultaneously. Campus-wide vaccination is also a vital public health strategy to limit the occurrences and spread of influenza in our community so medical services can be fully available to serve students who may be exposed to COVID.

On-campus flu vaccination clinics

See our Fall 2021 clinic schedule below.

Cornell Health partners with Wegmans Pharmacy to provide our annual on-campus flu vaccination clinics. Clinics are ...

  • Open to all – students, staff, faculty, retirees, student spouses/partners, and other community and family members (age 3+)
  • FREE for all students, staff, faculty, & retirees (other community members: the cost will depend on your insurance; most plans cover flu vaccination)
  • Available vaccine types: regular dose, high dose, and thimerosal-free flu shots available (learn more about flu vaccine types); FluMist is not currently available 

To participate in a vaccine clinic ...

  • Sign up for a timeslot during one of the clinics listed below (walk-ins also accepted, but signing up for a timeslot is preferred). You may still have to stand in line, but we are limiting capacity in each timeslot to facilitate physical distancing. 
  • Recommended for 18+: To minimize contact, we recommend filling out your Wegmans Pharmacy's informed consent form in advance – you will need to bring 3 completed and signed copies with you. (You may also complete your form in triplicate at the clinic.)
  • Required for students under 18: Your Wegmans Pharmacy's informed consent form requires a parent / guardian signature. Please bring 3 copies of your completed and signed form when you come to the clinic.
  • Don't forget to bring your Cornell ID!  

Fall 2021 clinic schedule

Clinic attendees will be required to wear face masks and practice physical distancing. 

Sign up for a clinic timeslot

(Signing up for a timeslot is preferred to facilitate physical distancing, but walk-ins are also accepted.)

  1. Sign up for a flu vaccine clinic timeslot here  
  2. Select "Schedule a new appointment"
  3. Under "Vaccines," select "Flu" (IMPORTANT: you may only schedule flu vaccination through this tool)
  4. Enter a start date prior to the clinic date
  5. Enter "14853" as the ZIP code  
  6. Select a clinic day / location 
  7. Enter your personal information (be sure to use your Cornell email; if you have an international phone number, enter 555-555-5555)
  8. Select one appointment date/time and confirm (if you schedule more than one appointment, your appointments may be cancelled)  

If you have any difficulty signing up for timeslot, please email