Annual Flu Vaccination

Immunization record

Need a record of your flu shot?

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Getting vaccinated each year is one of the BEST ways to protect yourself – and others – against seasonal influenza.

Because of the close proximity within which we work, live, and study, annual vaccination is recommended for students, faculty, and staff at colleges and universities by the CDC and the American College Health Association. Vaccination is especially important for people who are at higher risk of developing flu-related complications.

How to get your flu shot

Our flu vaccine clinics have concluded for Fall 2019.

We held 12 vaccine clinics in partnership with Wegmans Pharmacy between mid-September and mid-November, providing free vaccinations for thousands of Cornell community members.

But if you missed our vaccine clinics, it's not too late to get your flu shot!

Getting vaccinated at Cornell Health

Students (and student spouses / partners) may schedule an appointment to get their flu shot at Cornell Health, or may request a flu shot during a medical appointment.

Vaccine types: We offer regular dose, high dose, and thimerosal-free flu shots (learn more about flu vaccine types). FluMist is not available this year.

Cost: Flu vaccination is FREE for all students, plus student spouses/partners on SHP. For spouses/partners who are not on SHP, the cost for vaccination will depend on your insurance (most plans cover flu vaccination).

Other community members: We are no longer able to provide vaccination for staff, faculty, and retirees at Cornell Health. Please see below.

Getting vaccinated in the community

We encourage Cornell employees and retirees to attend our campus flu vaccine clinics each fall to get their free flu shot. If you missed our clinics, flu vaccination is available through your primary care medical provider, and at most pharmacies. Annual flu vaccination is covered by Cornell insurance plans, and most other health plans.

Your flu vaccination record

Students: A record of your immunization will be available in our secure patient portal, myCornellHealth. Log in using your Cornell NetID and password, and click on "Immunization Record."

Other community members: If you attended one of our flu vaccine clinics, Wegmans makes every effort to share your flu vaccination record with your primary care provider, based on the information you provide at the time of your flu shot. If you need a record of your immunization, please contact Wegmans Pharmacy. Cornell Health does not keep immunization records for non-students.