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Occupational Medicine
Cornell Health, Level 3
110 Ho Plaza
Ithaca, NY 14853-3101

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About Occupational Medicine

Cornell Health Occupational Medicine serves Cornell staff, faculty, and students in Ithaca and at remote facilities across the state.

We collaborate with campus partners and local, regional, and state healthcare providers and public health agencies to prevent occupational and environmental injury and illness and support the university's research mission. Our office helps mitigate the harmful health effects of hazardous exposures that may occur during education, research, and university support activities. When injuries and illnesses cannot be prevented, our OM team provides medical consultations and clinical services to identify and manage cases, minimize disability, and enhance health and productivity.

Our occupational medicine team includes administrative staff, and medical and nursing professionals with certifications and training in occupational medicine, internal medicine, public health, hearing conservation, and spirometry. 

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Occupational Medicine services

Employee-related services and support

  • Audiograms (as part of the Hearing Conservation Program)
  • Cornell Health employee initial and annual assessments
  • Immunizations including tetanus, rabies, hepatitis B, vaccinia, influenza, MMR, and varicella 
  • PPD testing
  • Medical evaluations, including allergy assessments, for individuals enrolled in the Animal Users Health and Safety Program (AUHSP)
  • Pre-placement physical examinations for CU police officers and dispatchers
  • Respirator clearances (as part of the Respiratory Protection Program)
  • Respirator fit testing for Cornell Health employees
  • DOT/CDL examinations
  • Silica surveillance evaluations
  • Fitness for duty evaluations and consultations
  • Exposure consultations
  • Employee disability case reviews and consultations
  • Student disability case reviews and consultations

Note: Cornell Health's Primary Care, Counseling & Psychological Services, and Occupational Medicine departments do not treat or manage work-related injuries or illnesses for Cornell staff or faculty. Cornell Health does not participate in the workers compensation system or process worker’s compensation insurance claims. Faculty and staff should seek care with a community provider that treats work-related illness and injury and accepts workers compensation insurance.

Students identified by their primary care provider as requiring worker’s compensation related care and/or case management will be referred to a community worker’s compensation care provider. 

Research-related services and support

Our partners

At Cornell

Local, regional, and state healthcare providers and public health agencies

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