Alcohol & Other Drug Campaigns

Our Goals

Our alcohol and other drug campaigns assist our campus community in three distinct ways:

  • to provide harm-reduction information for students who choose to drink alcohol or use other drugs (including nicotine /tobacco products) 
  • to share current normative data about drinking and other drug use at Cornell.
  • to communicate signs of alcohol and other drug emergencies and the importance of calling 911 for help.


JUUL Sorry to rain on your parade poster

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JUUL Risks with ecigs are no joke poster

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JUUL Advertisers tell a good story poster

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JUUL Popcorns great poster

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Social norms poster

buzzed not blackout poster

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ABCD signs of an alcohol emergency

abcd poster alcohol emergencies

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What's in your drink?

Big Red Cup

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Alcohol bulletin board

Alcohol bulletin board mockup