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Meet our BPC group facilitators

Body Positive Cornell group facilitators standing in front of the Cornell clock tower

Peer facilitators for our 2019-2020 BPC groups.

Body Positive Cornell (BPC)…

  • is a peer education initiative
  • is a community that fosters body acceptance
  • welcomes people of all genders, sexes, and bodies 
  • cultivates body appreciation and aims to reduce self-critical thoughts
  • embraces the body diversity of our campus community
  • challenges discrimination based on size and/or appearance
  • is a force for positive social change at Cornell

BPC Groups

“Our Body Positive Cornell group provided a safe space where we could discuss personal and sensitive subjects involving body image and wellness. Openness and dialogue were inspired and encouraged without judgment or stigmatization.” Student Facilitator 

Developed in partnership with The Body Positive™,  BPC promotes holistic wellness practices that increase physical, mental, and emotional health using a weight-neutral, self-empowerment model built upon the following five core competencies: reclaiming health; practicing intuitive self-care; cultivating self-love; declaring your own authentic beauty; and building community. BPC uses the Be Body Positive™ curriculum, a research-based program grounded in the Health at Every Size™ philosophy.

In group, participants learn about and discuss a range of topics, including…

  • messages that they have received and/or internalized from others (e.g., media, peers, etc.) about beauty, body image, and health
  • how to reclaim health and practice intuitive self-care (e.g., how to begin practicing intuitive eating, intuitive movement, and more)
  • evidence-based weight-neutral approaches to health 
  • strategies for cultivating greater self-compassion 
  • ways to foster increased body acceptance and/or appreciation 

Members form a supportive, caring community where such topics can be openly discussed and explored.

Who may participate in BPC groups?

Groups are open to undergraduate and graduate students of all backgrounds, genders, identities, and bodies. There is also one group for staff and faculty members.

When do groups meet?

Groups are offered in the fall and spring semesters and meet once a week for 8 weeks, beginning the week of September 23.. Each session lasts about an hour.

  • Student groups: Options for group locations and meeting times are listed in the registration form (see below).
  • Staff/faculty groups: The staff group for Fall 2019 will meet on Tuesdays from noon to 1:00 pm at Cornell Health.

What is the group format?

Groups are interactive, and are composed of approximately 6-12 people. Peer leaders facilitate the groups with support from staff/faculty supervisors.  

How do I register for a group?

The deadline to register for a fall group was September 21. Please check back in January if you are interested in registering for a spring group.

Becoming a group facilitator

Anybody can join a BPC group. After participating in a group you can apply to be a peer facilitator. Peer facilitators participate in a 2-day training at the beginning of the fall semester, co-lead a group for 1-2 semesters with staff support, and can opt to receive course credit. After being a peer facilitator, you can choose to apply for leadership positions within BPC. 

The BPC Club

The BPC Club is a student organization formed to foster community, coordinate outreach, and provide opportunities for students and staff to be actively involved in the ongoing promotion of body positivity outside of the 8-week BPC group sessions. Each semester, the club will host meetings to discuss topics related to body positivity and plan relevant events such as movie screenings, guest speaker presentations and student engagement campaigns. Any registered student of the Cornell University community who is interested in the mission and purpose of BPC is encouraged to become a member of the organization.

For more information:

BPC Community Talks

Peer leaders from BPC can talk to your group or community about body dissatisfaction, factors that impact body image, reclaiming health, body appreciation, and/or body acceptance. The 60- to 90-minute talks are discussion-based and interactive. Please send an email to if you would like to schedule a BPC talk.

Health at Every Size™ Symposium (Sept. 20)

Cornell Health will be hosting an all-day educational event on September 20, 2019. This symposium will focus on a range of topics related to body image, health, disordered eating, and health care.

Come learn more about these topics, including the Health at Every Size™ approach, and how to apply this knowledge to your personal life or work with others. Attendees have the opportunity to learn from experts in a variety of fields, including nutrition, activism, and health care. 

Learn more on our Symposium webpage

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