Finding Off-Campus Mental Health Providers

If you prefer to see a provider (counselor/therapist and/or prescriber of psychotropic medications) off campus – or you are seeking specialty or long-term services that are outside the scope of what CAPS offers – the following resources can help. 

Note that a formal referral from Cornell Health is NOT required to see an off-campus mental health provider.

Search for an off-campus provider 

We partner with ThrivingCampus to make it easier for you to connect with off-campus mental health care, in person or online.

Click here to search the ThrivingCampus directory

  • Find providers who are accepting new clients 
  • Filter results based on your location, insurance, and your needs and preferences 
  • Browse provider profiles and contact providers directly by phone or email

You can contact and book appointments directly with off-campus providers through the ThrivingCampus website. 

View our Tips for finding an off-campus mental health provider (pdf) for more guidance.  

If you need assistance …

Counseling referrals 

If you feel you could benefit from additional support to find an off-campus counselor or therapist that meets your needs, you may contact a CAPS Referral Manager through one of the following methods:

  • Send a secure message to a CAPS Referral Manager by logging in to myCornellHealth using your Cornell NetID and password, and going to “Messages.” Provide the information requested, and a CAPS Referral Manager will respond to you via secure message within 1-2 business days. 
  • Or, schedule a 25-minute “Mental Health Referral” appointment by logging in to myCornellHealth using your Cornell NetID and password, and going to “Appointments.” You may also call Cornell Health during business hours (607-255-5155) and ask to schedule an appointment with a CAPS Referral Manager.

Mental health medication / psychiatric referrals

If you are seeking assistance with a referral to an off-campus provider who can prescribe psychotropic medications (e.g. a psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse practitioner, or a primary care provider), please call Cornell Health at 607-255-5155 during business hours and ask to leave a message for the CAPS Psychiatric Nursing Team.

A member of the team will respond to your message within 2-3 business days via a secure message in your myCornellHealth patient portal. If you prefer to receive a phone call back, please indicate whether it is okay to leave a voicemail message.