Allergy Shots

About our allergy services 

Cornell Health provides allergy shots by appointment for Cornell students and their spouses / partners. Note: We are no longer able to provide allergy shots to staff and faculty members

Patients must provide their own vaccine (which will be stored at Cornell Health), as well as written orders from their allergist or physician. Please see details below.

The first step to getting care

We do not have an on-staff allergist, so you will need to consult with an outside allergist for testing and treatment recommendations. We recommend connecting with one of these nearby providers for care:

If your allergist recommends shots, they will get you started on an appropriate serum. Once your injections have stabilized, the regular administration of your shots (weekly, biweekly, etc.) can be transferred to Cornell Health.

Getting allergy shots at Cornell Health 

The first step to transferring your care to Cornell Health is to schedule a 20-minute initial allergy appointment. Call us at 607-255-5155 (press #3), or log in to myCornellHealth (CU NetID required; select "Primary Care" as appointment type).

During your appointment, we will make sure we have the information we need for safe administration of your injections. 

You will need to provide your own vaccine (which will be stored at Cornell Health), as well as written orders from your allergist or physician that include:

  • your diagnosis
  • content and dilution of serum
  • interval of injection
  • recommended dosage
  • suggested dosage reductions for new vials
  • dosage adjustment for late or missed shots
  • previous reactions, if any
  • special instructions for managing non-emergency reactions 

Subsequent routine allergy shot appointments are brief, and can be scheduled by phone or online. Please remember that a missed-appointment fee applies for missed appointments and late cancellations. [See Appointments]

Allergy medication

We invite you to visit the Cornell Health Pharmacy if you need prescription or non-prescription allergy medication.