Vending Self-Care Supplies (24/7)

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Visit our vending machine for free COVID test kits, plus non-prescription medications and self-care supplies for purchase.

24/7 access to pharmacy supplies 

Vending machine located just inside Cornell Health's Ho Plaza entrance 

(Credit card, debit card, and Apple Pay accepted)

A new vending machine fully dedicated to the 24/7 distribution of self-care supplies is now located just inside the Ho Plaza entrance of Cornell Health. (In the near future, some self-care products will also be added to a number of "Vengo" vending machines already located across campus in residential spaces.)

The self-care vending machine at Cornell Health includes non-prescription medications and supplies easily dispensed outside of Cornell Health hours to address common concerns among Cornell students. 

Our vending machine contains:

  • Non-prescription medications & supplies available for purchase – Pain reliever / fever reducer, thermometers, expectorant, allergy medication, gastrointestinal medication, band-aids, antibiotic cream, condoms, pregnancy tests, emergency contraception, and more!
  • COVID antigen tests – limit two per person at no cost; learn how to make bulk requests.
  • Naloxone spray (Narcan®) – made available at no cost as part of NY State's Opioid Overdose Prevention Program. Limit one per person.

What to know before purchasing

Non-prescription medications:

Not all medications are appropriate for all consumers.

  • Emergency Contraception (EC): BEFORE PURCHASING, please know that the non-prescription EC options available in this vending machine will not be appropriate for everyone. The effectiveness of any EC varies based on the length of time since unprotected sex as well as the person's body mass index (BMI). Please carefully review Which EC option is right for me? before purchasing.
  • If you're unsure whether you should purchase/consume medication in this machine: Please call 607-255-5155 to consult with a medical provider from Cornell Health (during business hours) or our on-call service (after hours). 

Read any enclosed self-care information before consuming medication.

  • Emergency Contraception (EC): Instructions differ by brand. Carefully review any package instructions. 
  • Treatment for Infection or Illness: Medications and supplies in this machine were chosen to support care for these common health concerns. Read the related Self-Care Guide before consuming, as they include information about when to reach out for medical support.

We welcome your feedback:

Due to limited space, these items have been prioritized based on likelihood of sale or utilization. If you have suggestions or feedback about the products available in this vending machine, we invite you to share your feedback here.