Students Outside of Ithaca

Our 24/7 phone consultation service is available to all students, no matter where you are.

If it would be helpful to consult with a health care provider about a medical or mental health concern, please don’t hesitate to call. We can help you determine what care you need, and how and when to get it.

On-campus care

If you’re on Ithaca’s campus – for an orientation program, or just a visit – please come to see us for in-person care, should you need it.

All registered students may use our services, no matter what health insurance you have. This includes:

  • Undergraduate, graduate, and professional students
  • Continuing Education students taking summer courses, or taking 12+ credits during the academic year
  • High school students participating in Cornell’s Summer College program

Restrictions include:

  • During the summer, students who are not enrolled in the Summer Session but plan to enroll for fall semester may receive medical care on a fee-for-service basis. They are not eligible for counseling services. 
  • Students on leave from the university are not eligible to use our medical and counseling services, but may use pharmacy, physical therapy, and travel clinic services.

 [see Services] [see Cost for Service] [see Insurance & Billing]

Graduate students in Geneva

As a registered student, you are eligible for Cornell Health’s full range of services when you’re on Cornell’s Ithaca campus.

Most NYSAES students who are enrolled in Cornell’s Student Health Plan (SHP) choose to get the majority of their health care needs met at Cornell Health [see Cost for Service]. Students with private insurance may also use our services, and should refer to our Insurance & Billing page for information about costs and coverage.

Transportation between Geneva and Ithaca may be possible via the use of the intercampus shuttle. Please note that patient parking is limited, so you should leave extra time in case you need to find other parking on campus. Visit an information booth when you get to campus (staffed Monday - Friday, 7:30 am - 5:00 pm), and they can direct you to appropriate parking and assist you with any permits that might be required.

Health care in Geneva

If you are on Cornell’s Student Health Plan (SHP), you may use Aetna’s DocFind service to find participating providers in the Geneva area. Otherwise, you should consult with your insurance provider to find providers that participate with your plan.

For urgent concerns, please go to the Geneva General Hospital (196 North Street, Geneva; 315-787-4000).