Especially for Students Outside of Ithaca

Cornell Health does not provide off-campus services for Cornell students. Students receiving telehealth services must be physically located on (or near) campus at the time of their appointment.

However, students who are studying outside of Ithaca  at Cornell Tech, Cornell in Washington, study abroad programs, etc.  may use our services (with some restrictions) when visiting the Ithaca campus. (Cornell AgriTech students: see information for you below.)

Additionally, off-campus students may call Cornell Health to consult with a health care provider about a medical or mental health concern. We can help you determine what care you need, and how and when to get it.

Phone consultation (24/7)

Cornell students studying outside of Ithaca can call Cornell Health 24/7 (607-255-5155) to consult about a medical or mental health concern. When we’re closed, your call will be answered by a medical or mental health provider from our on-call service. Learn more about our phone consultation service

See also: Recommended national and international hotlines and text lines, including those especially for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ students. 

On-campus care for visiting students 

Cornell students who are registered for programs outside of Ithaca – but are in Ithaca for an orientation program, or just a visit – may come to see us for in-person care, should you need it.

All Cornell students may use our services when in Ithaca, including:

  • Registered undergraduate, graduate, and professional students – no matter where you will be studying
  • Continuing Education students taking summer courses, or taking 12+ credits during the academic year
  • High school students participating in Cornell’s Summer College program

Restrictions include:

  • Refer to our Insurance & Billing page for information about which insurance plans we accept and paying for care.
  • During the summer, students who are not enrolled in the Summer Session but plan to enroll for fall semester may receive medical care on a fee-for-service basis. They are not eligible for counseling services. 
  • Students on leave from the university are not eligible to use our medical and counseling services, but may use pharmacy, physical therapy, and travel clinic services.

Especially for Cornell AgriTech students in Geneva, NY

Healthcare at Cornell Health

As a registered student, you are eligible for Cornell Health's full range of medical and mental health services when you’re on Cornell’s Ithaca campus.

  • Cost: Students enrolled on the Geneva campus pay Cornell's Student Health Fee, and have a $10 visit charge for nearly all services at Cornell Health.   
  • Transportation and parking: The inter-campus shuttle provides regular transportation between Geneva and Ithaca. Should you choose to drive, please note that patient parking is limited, so you should leave extra time in case you need to find other parking on campus

Healthcare in the Geneva area 

  • Finding a medical / mental health provider that participates with your insurance: Most Cornell AgriTech students are enrolled in Cornell’s Student Health Plan (SHP). SHP members will get the best coverage by seeing an Aetna "participating provider" (i.e., "in-network provider") for medical or mental health care – in Geneva, or anywhere in the United States. Refer to the Find SHP Participating Providers page on the Student Health Benefits website for instructions and copay information. If you have private insurance, consult your plan information for instructions on finding providers that accept your insurance. 
  • Urgent care: If you need immediate care, visit WellNow Urgent Care (1 White Springs Road, Geneva; 315-230-4074) or another urgent care center.
  • Emergency care: In a medical or mental health emergency, call 911, or go to the Geneva General Hospital (196 North Street, Geneva; 315-787-4000).
  • 24/7 mental health support: You can speak with a licensed therapist from Cornell's on-call service any time, day or night, by calling 607-255-5155. We also recommend these free hotlines and text services

Especially for Cornell Tech students

Refer to Cornell Tech's Student Services website for information about medical and mental health care on Roosevelt Island and in Manhattan.  

Cornell Tech students who are enrolled in Cornell’s Student Health Plan (SHP) can refer to the Using Your Student Health Plan page on the Student Health Benefits website to find local providers that participate with your insurance. There is information specifically for Cornell Tech plan members at the bottom of that page.

Especially for Cornell in Washington students

Refer to the Cornell in Washington website for information about medical and mental health services available to you in Washington D.C.  

Students who are enrolled in Cornell’s Student Health Plan (SHP) can refer to the Using Your Student Health Plan page on the Student Health Benefits website to find providers in the D.C. area who participate with your insurance. 

Especially for students studying abroad

Please visit our Especially for Students Traveling Abroad page for resources and information.