Emergencies & After-Hours Care

Urgent & Emergency Care Costs

Student Health Plan (SHP) members have a $50 copay for urgent care visits, and a $100 copay for emergency room visits. There is no copay for medically necessarily ambulance transports. 

Student Health Plan-Plus (SHP+) members have no copay for urgent and emergency care, including ambulance rides.

Other students: Please check your insurance plan for coverage details.


In an emergency call 911, or call the Cornell Police at 607-255-1111. This includes medical, mental health, and alcohol/drug-related emergencies. 

Phone consultation for urgent concerns (24/7)

If you have an urgent physical or mental health concern – for yourself or for someone else – you can call us 24/7 at 607-255-5155. We'll help you determine what care is needed, and how, when, and where to get it.

  • During business hours – Press 1 for urgent medical concerns, or 2 for mental health concerns [see our hours]
  • When we're closed – Your call will be answered by our on-call service, staffed by medical and mental health professionals who are equipped to provide consultation and make referrals to other Cornell and Ithaca resources

Need care when we’re closed?

You can consult with an on-call provider for assistance (see above). If you need immediate care, consider these options in Ithaca:

Additional mental health support


Ambulance: In a physical or mental health emergency, call 911 for ambulance transportation to the hospital. (If you are enrolled in a Cornell student health plan (SHP or SHP+), ambulance transports are covered at no cost. If you have other insurance, there may be a $100 or more charge.)

    Bus: Refer to the TCAT website for bus schedules and details.

    Taxi: Ithaca taxi companies accept credit cards.