Mental Health Campaigns

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"Invisible Backpack of Stress" video

Building Resilience flyer

Building resilience poster featuring resilience pyramid

Print the flyer: Building Resilience (CU NetID required) 

Reimagine NY: Mental Health Campaign (Spring 2021)

The flyers listed below were developed by New York State to help connect those with mental health concerns to appropriate resources. Cornell University is a participant in this Statewide initiative.

Helping someone in distress

Print the flyer: Helping Someone in Distress (pdf)

It's ok not to be ok

Print the flyer: It's Ok to Not Be Ok (pdf) 

Just Checking In

Print the flyer: Just Checking In (pdf) 

Mental Health Is Just As Important

Print the flyer: Mental Health Is Just As Important (pdf) 

There's No Shame

Print the Flyer: There's No Shame (pdf) 

"Beneath the Surface" poster campaign

This campaign was developed (by Cornell students for Cornell students) to help normalize help-seeking. Students recognize that it's considered a sign of strength and intelligence to reach out and ask for help when you need it.

Beneath the Surface (Danso-Danquah)

Print poster 1 (CU NetID required)

Beneath the Surface (DeProspo)

Print poster 2 (CU NetID required)

Beneath the Surface (Rham)

Print poster 3 (CU NetID required)

Beneath the Surface (Fletcher)

Print poster 4 (CU NetID required)

Beneath the Surface (Chodas)

Print poster 5 (CU NetID required)

Bulletin boards: resilience, thriving, & nature Rx


Thrive bulletin board mockup

Time Management

Time management bulletin board mockup

Nature Rx