Who We Serve

Cornell Health provides services for:

  • STUDENTS: Medical care, counseling, and pharmacy services for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students on Cornell’s Ithaca campus (see details below)
  • NON-STUDENTS: Select services for other Cornell community members and visitors (see details below)

Our pharmacy and travel clinic services are open to everyone, including members of the public.

Costs & insurance:

Students who are enrolled in Cornell's Student Health Plan (SHP) or pay the Student Health Fee can access nearly all Cornell Health services for a $10 visit copay (see Cost for Service). Other individuals who are eligible for care should refer to our Insurance & Billing page for information about which insurance plans we accept.

Learn more about services for ...

Students during the academic year

All currently registered students may use our full range of services, no matter what health insurance you have. (If you are unsure of your university status, please contact the University Registrar’s Office.)

Eligible students include:

  • Undergraduate, graduate, and professional students enrolled during the academic year
  • Continuing Education students taking 12+ credits during the academic year
  • Students who are studying elsewhere but visiting campus (NOTE: Those who neither are enrolled in the Student Health Plan (SHP) nor pay the Student Health Fee have access services on a fee-for-service basis)


  • Students on leave from the university are not eligible to use our medical and counseling services, but may use pharmacy, physical therapy, and travel clinic services

See additional information especially for:

Students during the summer

Students who may use our services during the summer include:

  • Undergraduate, graduate, and professional students remaining in Ithaca between enrolled semesters
  • High school students participating in Cornell’s Summer College program [see Especially for Summer students]
  • Continuing Education students taking summer courses


Student spouses / partners

Many Cornell Health services are available to student spouses and domestic partners, with the exception of individual counseling and psychiatry services. Visit Especially for Student Spouses & Partners for details.

Children of students

Cornell Health does not provide services for children of students, with the exception of pharmacy and travel clinic services. However, our Students with Children page offers a number of campus and community resources for students who have a child or children with them at Cornell.

Staff, faculty, & post-docs 

Cornell Health does not provide primary medical care for Cornell employees, but select services are available, including  pharmacy services, physical therapy, travel clinic, and allergy and flu shots. Counseling and support are available through the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program.

Visit Especially for Faculty, Staff, & Post-docs for more information.


Cornell retirees may use our pharmacy, travel clinic services, physical therapy services, and the Faculty Staff Assistance Program, and are eligible for free annual flu vaccinations. Minor injuries and illnesses incurred on campus may be able to be treated at Cornell Health; please call 607-255-5155 for consultation.

Visitors to campus

Short-term and long-term visitors to Cornell’s Ithaca campus are welcome to use our pharmacy and travel clinic services. If you incur an injury or illness on campus, we can provide consultation and referrals to local urgent care providers; refer to the "urgent care" options listed on our Emergencies & After-Hours Care page. Call 607-255-5155 for consultation.

Ithaca community members

Members of the Ithaca and surrounding communities are invited to use our full-service pharmacy.    


Please contact us for more information. We're here to help!