Student Spouses & Partners

Partners and spouses of students who are studying on Cornell’s Ithaca campus have access to nearly all Cornell Health services.

Services for spouses and partners include:

Counseling and support:

Ongoing counseling and psychiatry services are only available to full-time registered students. However, student spouses and partners may take advantage of our free walk-in Let’s Talk hours, and a Cornell Health counselor can help you with immediate concerns and assist with referrals should you need ongoing support.

Additionally, you and your partner are eligible for couples counseling through Cornell Health. To get started, your spouse/partner should schedule an appointment for a brief phone assessment.

Appointments & cost for care

Please visit our Appointments page to learn about scheduling an appointment to get care.

If you are enrolled in your partner’s / spouse’s Student Health Plan (SHP), most Cornell Health services are available to you for a $10 visit copay. Visit our Cost for Service page for details.

If you have private (non-Cornell) health insurance, you can receive care on a fee-for-service basis; visit our Insurance & Billing page for more information.