Mental Health Care

24/7 phone consultation

Speak with a licensed therapist from ProtoCall, our 24/7 support team of mental health professionals, by calling us at 607-255-5155 (#4).

24/7 hotlines & text lines

See our list of recommended local and national hotlines and text lines, including options especially for students of color and LGBTQ+ students.

Concern for someone else

To consult with a member of our CAPS team about how to help a student in distress, call 607-255-5155 during business hours.  

More information:

Request a program 

Use this program request form to request a Cornell Health program, speaker, training, or tabling representative.

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) at Cornell Health provides professional and confidential mental health care to help you “live well to learn well” here at Cornell.

Our staff members come from diverse clinical and cultural backgrounds with expertise in responding to the wide range of mental health concerns faced by university students.

Meet our CAPS staff

About our services: Currently, CAPS counseling staff are providing services in-person and through telehealth (Zoom). Phone appointments may be available, when needed. Our psychiatry staff are providing most services in person, with limited telehealth and phone appointments. Services are available to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students studying in Ithaca. 

Summer 2023 services 

The following mental health services are available to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students studying in Ithaca (or on the nearby Geneva campus) during the summer intersession. Learn more about eligibility for summer services

All students, no matter where you are located, can access our 24/7 phone consultation service. 

All services

Self-care resources & programming


One-hour skills-based workshops held throughout the semester, designed to help with anxiety, procrastination, and other topics.

  • How to access: Drop-in; currently offered by Zoom
  • Cost: No charge
  • Learn more: Visit our Workshops page

“Let’s Talk” 

Informal drop-in consultations with a CAPS counselor for students who are uncertain if counseling is a good fit for them, or just in need of a one-time brief conversation with a provider. Offered Monday-Friday during the academic year.

  • How to access: Drop-in; currently offered by Zoom
  • Cost: No charge 
  • Learn more: Visit our Let’s Talk page 

Group counseling

Therapy groups focused on a variety of clinical issues and/or identity-specific experiences. Groups meet weekly by Zoom, and run from 5 weeks to semester-long.  

  • How to access: Schedule a brief group orientation if you know what group you would like to join (visit the Group Counseling page for details), or schedule an access appointment (see below) to explore what options might best fit your needs
  • Cost: No charge 
  • Learn more: Visit our Group Counseling page  

Individual counseling

Short-term individual therapy from a counselor at CAPS or from our partner organization, Mantra Health, focused on treating common mental health conditions. 

Medication management

Evaluation and management of mental health medication treatment options, available through your Primary Care Provider (PCP) or through our psychiatry providers at CAPS and our partner organization, Mantra Health.

  • How to access: 
    • New medication requests: Schedule an access appointment (see below) or an appointment with your PCP
    • Transferring medication requests: Call Cornell Health (607-255-5155) to schedule a virtual medication screening appointment to have a nurse review your history and connect you with an appropriate provider
  • Cost: $10 / visit 


Individualized referrals for therapy, psychological testing (e.g., ADHD), or medication management with off-campus mental health providers, in Ithaca or in New York State.

  • How to access: Schedule a referral appointment; see webpage page for details
  • Cost: No charge 
  • Learn more: Visit our Mental Health Referrals page

24/7 phone consultation 

Speak with a counselor from ProtoCall, our 24/7 support team of mental health professionals, any time, day or night.

Other resources for support

Visit the university’s Mental Health at Cornell website for campus-wide options to get support, help others, practice self-care, and get involved. 


Access appointments

Scheduling an access appointment is the first step to connecting with most CAPS services.

During this brief 25-minute visit, a trained mental health professional will assist you by matching your mental health concerns with the right level of care. They will ask questions to get to know you, your background, your reasons for seeking help, and your history with mental health care. At the end of the conversation, they will provide you with care recommendations to meet your needs including those that are available at Cornell Health and in the broader community. 

To schedule an access appointment: Log in to myCornellHealth using your Cornell NetID and password, and select Appointments. You may also call 607-255-5155 during business hours to schedule.

For follow-up CAPS appointments: Appointments may be made directly with your CAPS provider. Or call us to schedule at 607-255-5155