Resources for Faculty & Staff

If you’re concerned about a student, we can help.

Our Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) counselors are available to assist faculty and staff members regarding students in distress. You can call us for consultation at 607-255-5155. During business hours, press 1 for urgent concerns, or 2 to be connected with a CAPS receptionist. When Cornell Health is closed, your call will be answered by our answering service, and an on-call health care provider will return your call within 30 minutes.

Faculty members should contact their school's/college's Advising or Student Services office when concerned about a distressed (or distressing) student. They are prepared to assist you.

More resources:

Community Consultation & Intervention (CCI)

*See information below about CCI services during COVID-19*

Community Consultation & Intervention (CCI) provides a continuum of consultation services to faculty and staff who are working with students with possible mental health concerns. These services can include on-going consultation, case management, community-based support, and crisis-intervention.

CCI counselors work closely with faculty and staff members who are concerned about a student. They offer perspective, explore strategies for helping the student (or others affected by the student), and provide information regarding useful resources. When needed, these consultations can result in direct intervention with students, which may include counseling, advocacy, case management, and crisis intervention.  

The CCI approach helps mobilize a stu­dent’s existing relationships, connections, and resources to provide support, and can sometimes lead to a student accessing Cornell Health’s services directly. A goal of the program is to find ways to streamline and strengthen campus systems for identifying and assisting students in distress.

Contacting CCI:

We encourage faculty, staff, advisors, and other third parties to contact us …

  • When academic, behavioral, physical, emotional, or other factors seem to be causing a student significant stress
  • When you’re not sure what you can do to support a student
  • When you are concerned – or multiple parties have expressed concern – about a student

Please call 607-255-5155 and ask to schedule a CCI consultation. You may also contact a CCI counselor directly with questions: Karen Williams, PhD or Katherine Goldberg, DVM, LMSW.

Contact CCI sooner rather than later; there does not need to be a crisis in progress for you to call us to consult. We are happy to provide ongoing con­sultation and follow the situation as it unfolds over time. NOTE: To honor student autonomy, CCI is a voluntary service, and our offers of support may not always be ac­cepted by students.

CCI services during the COVID-19 pandemic

Community Consultation and Intervention (CCI) will continue to be available to Cornell faculty and staff to discuss your concerns for students’ mental health and well-being as we transition to remote work.

To reach us,pPlease continue to call us at the main Cornell Health number: 607-255-5155. A message will be taken for the CCI counselor of the day, and that person will return your call within the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday. As always, if you have an imminent safety concern for a student, call CUPD at 607-255-1111 or your local police dispatch at 911.

Please be prepared for our CCI providers to ask for the following information in this new era of COVID-19. We understand you may not have all the answers:

  • What is the location of your student? (city/state/country; parents’ home/etc.)
    • Given current COVID-19 mitigation efforts, we cannot rely on our records to help determine a student’s whereabouts should that become necessary.
  • Which mode(s) of communication have you been using to contact your student?  (email, phone, BlackBoard, social media, etc.)
    • When assessing how responsive a student is to outreach attempts, it is even more important to understand what a student's pattern of communication has been recently.

CCI remains committed to providing supportive consultation and problem-solving with you around students of concern. Please bear with us, as remote work creates some challenges related to internet and phone connectivity for our providers (as is likely the case for many of you)! We will be returning phone and email inquiries as quickly as possible. 

We wish you good health and as much peace as possible in this extraordinary time.

Your CCI team,

Katherine Goldberg, DVM, LMSW
Karen Williams, PhD
Wai-Kwong Wong, PhD