Sexual Health Resources

About our resources

The fact sheets, articles, and online resources below have been hand-picked by our staff to provide accurate, high-quality information for students interested in learning more about sexual health and well-being. 

We also invite you to explore our Health Topics section and our Fact Sheet Library for additional resources.

Need support? 

  • Schedule an appointment with a medical provider, sexual health nurse, mental health provider, or Victim Advocate at Cornell Health. 

  • Call us any time to consult with a medical or mental health provider: 607-255-5155 (24/7).


Sexual health services (Cornell Health & community)

Healthy relationships

Self-exploration / pleasure

> Sexual Pleasure: Finding the "Sweet Spot" (pdf) [Cornell Health]
> Self-Exploration (pdf) [Cornell Health]
> Sensate Focus (pdf) [Cornell Health]
> Sensuality Boosters (pdf)
> Genital Variation (pdf) [Cornell Health]
> Premature Ejaculation: Gaining Control (pdf) [Cornell Health]

Sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevention & information

> STI testing at Cornell Health [Cornell Health]
Chlamydia (pdf) [Cornell Health]
Gonorrhea (pdf) [Cornell Health]
Herpes (pdf) [Cornell Health]
HIV Testing (pdf) [Cornell Health]
Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) (pdf) [Cornell Health]
PrEP for HIV Prevention (pdf) [Cornell Health]
Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Testing (pdf) [Cornell Health]
STI Prevention & Safety Tips (pdf) [Cornell Health]
Syphilis (pdf) [Cornell Health]
Doxy-PEP (post-sex medication to help prevent STIs)

Contraception / birth control

Contraception options at Cornell Health [Cornell Health]
> Birth Control Pills (pdf) [Cornell Health]
> Birth Control Pills: What to Do if You Missed (pdf) [Cornell Health]
> Condoms & Lubricants (pdf) [Cornell Health]
> Contraceptive Patch (pdf) [Cornell Health]
> Contraceptive Ring (pdf) [Cornell Health]
> Depo-Provera (pdf) [Cornell Health]
> Diaphragm Use (pdf) [Cornell Health]
> IUD Placement (You & Your IUD) (pdf) [Cornell Health]
> IUDs (About Intrauterine Devices) (pdf) [Cornell Health]
> Latex Squares (pdf) [Cornell Health]
> Nexplanon (pdf) [Cornell Health]
> Non-Hormonal Contraceptive Options (pdf) [Cornell Health]
> Progestin-Only Oral Contraceptives (Minipills) (pdf) [Cornell Health]
> Bedsider birth control support network

Pelvic pain / pain during sex

Vaginal / urinary health

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) (pdf) [Cornell Health]
> Vaginal Health: Maintaining (pdf) [Cornell Health]
> Vaginal Yeast infection (pdf) [Cornell Health]
> Bacterial Vaginosis (Cleveland Clinic)

Recommended reading 

Come As You Are by Dr. Emily Nagoski  
> Smart Sex by Dr. Emily Morse