Campaigns & Materials

Our staff members at Cornell Health have a long history of spearheading (and collaborating with campus partners on the creation of) a robust collection of health and wellness materials.

The following research-based campaigns were developed by members of our Skorton Center for Health Initiatives team and our health communications team. Messages are primarily focused on one of three content areas:

  • Prevention: stress management, balance and resilience, an accurate understanding of social norms, and risk-reduction behaviors
  • Intervention: the importance of pro-social bystander interventions related mental health and well-being, sexual violence, alcohol emergencies, bias, and hazing, and more
  • Support: seeking help/care for oneself or another


Use of materials

For Cornellians: The materials in this section are intended for use by members of the Cornell community. Cornell staff, faculty, and students are encouraged to print files to display in academic, work, or living environments.

For non-Cornellians: Although some of the messages incorporated into our materials exist in other local, state, and federal prevention programs, our communications campaigns and materials are original; any associated image rights have been purchased/copyrighted. If you would like to adapt any of our designs or messages for use in another community, please contact a member of our health communications team to discuss. We are happy to share materials and to discuss acknowledgments to be added to your own print or web content (e.g., "Adapted with permission from Cornell Health [date].")