Especially for Summer Students

Cornell Health provides services and support for students who are in Ithaca during the summer months. Please see details about eligibility and cost for care below.

24/7 phone consultation: Any student with a medical or mental health concern may call us at 607-255-5155 (24/7) for consultation with a health care provider or on-call counselor. We can help you determine what care you need, and how and when to get it.

Ithaca-campus students during the summer

Registered Ithaca-campus undergraduate, graduate, and professional students remaining in Ithaca during the summer are eligible for Cornell Health's full scope of services. Students do not need to be enrolled in Summer Sessions to access Cornell Health’s services. 

Cost for care: Ithaca students pay Cornell’s Student Health Fee, and have a $10 charge for most Cornell health services (some services have no cost). See our Cost for Service page for details. 

Summer Session students 

Students who are only enrolled for the Summer Session, and not during the semester, are eligible for episodic care at Cornell Health. Students with a chronic illness or who need mental health counseling and/or psychiatry services should make a plan with their home provider for support while they are in Ithaca.

Cost for care: Summer Session students pay Cornell’s Summer Health Fee, and have a $10 charge for most visits at Cornell Health.

Precollege Studies students

Cornell’s Precollege Studies program will be offered entirely online for Summer 2024. High school students participating in Precollege Studies' online programs are not eligible for care at Cornell Health. 

Visiting students

Cornell students who are studying elsewhere (including in absentia students) are eligible for episodic care at Cornell Health when visiting campus. Visiting students should see providers in their community for ongoing care needs, including chronic illness management, mental health counseling, and psychiatry.

Cost for care: Cornell Health will bill students’ insurance for services. Students are responsible for remaining costs (copaymentcoinsurance, & deductibles).