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"Final Stretch" Workshops flyer

Final stretch workshops flyer

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Our skills-based workshops are ...

"Final Stretch" end-of-semester workshops

Breathing Through Finals 

Led by Maurice Haltom, LCSWR, Cornell Health counselor

Learn and practice breathing strategies to decrease anxiety, manage stress, and improve concentration to carry you through the final stretch of the semester.

Fall Semester: Finishing Strong 

Led by Katrina Blomquist, PhD and Travis Winter, LCSW-R, Cornell Health counselors

  • "Stress Management" – Tuesday, Dec. 3, 5:00-6:00 pm  |  Cornell Health, Rm. 127D
  • "Test Anxiety" – Tuesday, Dec. 10, 5:00-6:00  |  Cornell Health, Rm. 127D

A two-session skills and discussion-based experience exploring evidence-based stress and anxiety management techniques. Come to one, or both.

Strategies to Calm the *Bleep* Down! 

Led by Jennie Bernstein, PhD, Cornell Health counselor

  • Wednesday, Dec. 4, 4:00-5:00 pm  |  Cornell Health, Rm. 127A
  • Thursday, Dec. 12, 4:00-5:00 pm  |  Cornell Health, Rm. 501

Panicking while studying or during an exam? Difficulty falling asleep the night before a big test or presentation? Feeling just generally restless? Learn strategies to calm your body and mind including grounding exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, and more.

Other workshops 

"Mindfulness Revolution" Workshop Series 

Led by Joy Mushabac, LCSW-R, Cornell Health counselor 

  • Tuesdays3:30–4:45 pm  |  Cornell Health, Rm. 127D

This mindfulness strategies group is a four-session educational and practice group designed to help students learn mindfulness strategies to better manage stress, anxiety, and depression in order to lead healthier, happier lives. The sessions will be a fun mix of psycho-education and practice provided in a safe and supportive environment where you can try new things. Each participant will be encouraged to try all the activities to find what works best for them. In this way participants will leave with a set of individualized mindfulness skills which they can apply to their daily lives.


Please email Cornell Health, or call CAPS at 607-255-5155 #2.