myCornellHealth Patient Portal


If you receive a "MESSAGE WAITING: Log in to myCornellHealth" email alert, log in to myCornellHealth as soon as possible to review your secure message from Cornell Health.

NOTE: You may get an email even if you haven’t yet received care at Cornell Health. Messages may be urgent, so be sure to log in!

Receive text notifications

To opt in for appointment reminder texts, notifications that your prescription is ready, and other text alerts, log in to myCornellHealth, go to "Profile," and then enable "Text Messaging."  

myCornellHealth is a web portal designed to facilitate confidential communication between Cornell Health and our patients and clients.

(NOTE: myCornellHealth is not used by Cornell Health’s Occupational Medicine department.)

> Log in to myCornellHealth

Your will be asked to enter your Cornell NetID and password, and your birthday. The portal is available any time, day or night.

Use myCornellHealth to …

Meet new student health requirements :

  • Access forms
  • Upload required documentation
  • Track progress toward completing requirements

Manage appointments:

  • Schedule most appointment types (see exceptions)
  • Cancel any appointment
  • View upcoming scheduled appointments
  • Complete pre-appointment questionnaires (REQUIRED for most appointments)

Receive and send secure messages:

  • Review confidential messages from your health care provider, including lab and x-ray results
  • Send a secure message to Cornell Health

Manage pharmacy prescriptions:

  • Fill, refill, or transfer a prescription
  • Provide pharmacy insurance information

Access health and billing information:

  • Print your immunization history and upload immunization records
  • Review medication, allergy, and visit histories
  • View and pay bills


myCornellHealth is a secure web portal. Any information you provide through myCornellHealth is confidential and protected. See our Confidentiality & Patient Rights page for more information.

To help us protect your private health information:

  • Always close your browser after logging out of myCornellHealth
  • Never share your password (no, not even with your parents)