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Cornell Health Billing Office

Contact our Billing Office at 607-255-7492 or email with questions about Cornell Health copays, bills, and the student health fee

Student Health Benefits

Contact Student Health Benefits with questions about Cornell's health insurance requirements, Student Health Plans, and dental and vision coverage. 

For Ithaca students 

Other eligible users of Cornell Health services: see information for visiting students and non-students.

Cost for service for students studying in Ithaca (and on the nearby Geneva campus):

  • $10 for most Cornell Health visits 
  • No cost for some services including select counseling services and preventive medical visits 
  • Additional costs may apply for pharmacy prescriptions, some lab tests, most immunizations, and travel medicine
  • No cost for COVID-19 or flu vaccination

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Cornell's Student Health Fee:

Students in Ithaca / Geneva pay Cornell’s student health fee to help support this subsidized, affordable care available to all students on the Ithaca campus, regardless of what health insurance they have.

Your insurance may be billed as the primary payer and your remaining costs will be capped at $10 for most Cornell Health services (see our Insurance & Billing page for more information).



Your cost

MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES (in-person & telehealth)
Access appointmentsNo cost
Individual counseling appointments$10 / visit
Group counselingNo cost
Let’s Talk consultationsNo cost
Workshops No cost
Psychiatry appointments $10 / visit
Community referral support No cost 
MEDICAL VISITS (in-person & telehealth) 
Visit for an illness, injury, or other medical concern$10 / visit
Visit for preventive care (including asymptomatic sexually transmitted infection [STI] screenings) No cost
Nutrition services $10 / visit
Physical therapy services$10 / visit
Travel medicine servicesDepends on your insurance coverage*
Massage servicesSee massage rates
Procedures during visitsNo cost
Medical supplies connected to visitsNo cost
X-rays No cost
Lab tests completed during medical visitsNo cost
Lab tests completed by LabCorpNo cost for STI testing; costs for other tests will depend on your insurance coverage*
COVID-19 vaccinationNo cost
Flu vaccination No cost
HPV vaccinationDepends on your insurance coverage*
Other vaccinations (including required immunizations)Depends on your insurance coverage*
Pharmacy prescriptionsDepends on your insurance coverage*
Student Disability ServicesNo cost
Victim Advocacy servicesNo cost

*Your cost will vary depending on your insurance plan’s design (including copayment, coinsurance, & deductibles). For example, if you have a high-deductible health plan, your costs might be higher for these services. Students enrolled in Cornell's Student Health Plan (SHP) typically have low-out-of-pockets costs. Review your health plan information for details.

Additional charges

Complex physicals: Standard physicals and other preventive visits have no cost. There is a $50 administrative fee for complex physicals (those that require extensive paperwork, such as Peace Corps physicals). Your paperwork will be reviewed at a preliminary visit, and you will be alerted in advance if your physical exam will require the fee.

Missed-appointment & late fees: A $25 fee will be charged for missed appointments, and those cancelled after 8:30 am the day of the appointment. This applies to both in-person and telehealth appointments. [See Appointments]

Payment options & billing information

Students are automatically Bursar-billed for most Cornell Health charges, unless you request to pay online (through myCornellHealth) or by phone (call our Billing Office at 607-255-7492). Learn more on our Insurance & Billing page.

Pharmacy payments may be made at the pharmacy cashier desk. 

Questions about costs & coverage

  • If you want to know ahead of time how much a Cornell Health service, test, procedure, prescription, or medical supply will cost, please call our Billing Office at 607-255-7492
  • If you are enrolled in Cornell's Student Health Plan (SHP) and have questions about your coverage, please contact Student Health Benefits.
  • If you have other insurance and have questions about your coverage, please refer to your plan information or contact your insurance company. 

Financial hardship

Inability to pay should never be a barrier to receiving care at Cornell Health. If you have concerns about health care expenses, please discuss them with your health care provider or a Billing Office staff member (607-255-7492 or before or during your appointment to learn about options for assistance. Undergraduate students may also consult with the Office of Financial Aid. International students may consult with the Office of Global Learning.

More information

Please visit our Insurance & Billing page for information about:

  • Student insurance requirements
  • Insurance billing 
  • Payment options
  • Confidentiality of billing and Bursar bill statements