Patient Advocacy

Contact Weill Cornell Medicine

If you are a patient/client of Weill Cornell Medicine in NY City, please use Weill's contact information to reach a patient advocate or provide feedback.

For patients / clients of Cornell Health in Ithaca, NY

Patient Advocates are Cornell Health staff members who work with patients and clients who have concerns, needs, or questions that were not (or could not be) addressed by staff members directly involved in the patient/client's visit. 

A Patient Advocate may be helpful if …

  • You have a concern, but don’t know who to talk to about it
  • You want to offer feedback, make a suggestion, ask a question, or register a complaint
  • You’d like a "third party" to hear or to help communicate a concern
  • A Cornell Health staff member identifies a situation in which a Patient Advocate might be helpful to a patient or client
  • A staff or faculty member, coach, friend, parent, or other family member wants to help facilitate care for a student, ask a question, or offer feedback about our services

Meet our Patient Advocates

Contact a Patient Advocate

To schedule a phone appointment with a Patient Advocate, you may:

* Please be aware that email is not a secure medium for communication of sensitive information. Also, urgent messages should be conveyed by phone, as email messages may not be read every day.

Office of the University Ombuds

If you would be more comfortable – or if we are unable to address or resolve your concerns in a way that is satisfactory to you – you might wish to contact the Office of the University Ombuds by phone (607-255-4321) or email. Its services are independent of the university administration, and are confidential.