Ithaca Students (Undergraduate, Graduate, & Professional)

New student health requirements: Spring 2022

Welcome, new undergraduate, graduate, and professional (Johnson, Law, and Vet) students! 

All students taking six or more credits must complete Cornell’s new student health requirements process to comply with state and federal laws, meet public health guidelines, and support their health care while at Cornell. (If you have been a Cornell student in the past, you may have already met some requirements.)

Submitting your new student health information

Please plan ahead: this process involves a number of steps and may take several weeks.

You will be asked to complete online forms and provide documentation of required immunizations (and TB testing, if applicable). Some students must also get a physical examination.

See step-by-step instructions below < 

Spring 2022 deadline: 

The deadline for new spring-semester students to submit their health requirements information through myCornellHealth is December 20, 2021.

What to do if you can't meet your requirements before coming to Cornell


    Required immunizations

    You must provide information and official documentation demonstrating that you have met the following New York State and Cornell requirements. 


    You must have either:

    1. Combination vaccine: two doses of live vaccine administered on or after the first birthday
          - OR -
    2. Individual immunizations:

    • MEASLES: two doses of live vaccine administered on or after the first birthday; or protective-antibody titer positive result; or physician-diagnosed history of disease
    • MUMPS: two doses of live vaccine administered on or after the first birthday; or protective-antibody titer positive result; or physician-diagnosed history of disease
    • RUBELLA: one dose of live vaccine; or protective-antibody titer positive result (NOTE: previous clinical diagnosis of Rubella is not acceptable proof)

    Meningococcal vaccination / waiver

    You must have one of the following:

    1. Meningococcal conjugate (ACWY) vaccination (within 5 years) 
    2. Meningococcal B vaccine, and complete the series
    3. Meningococcal Vaccination Waiver form (pdf) submitted through myCornellHealth

    Tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis

    You must have had one Tdap vaccine (age 10 or later). If Tdap was more than 10 years ago, tetanus booster within past 10 years is also required.

    Varicella (Chicken Pox)

    You must have one of the following:

    1. Vaccine (2 doses of live vaccine administered on or after the 1st birthday, at least 28 days apart)
    2. Physician-diagnosed illness
    3. Protective antibody titer 
    4. If you were born in the U.S. before 1980, the Varicella requirement does not apply

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    COVID-19 vaccination 

    In addition to providing proof of the above immunizations through myCornellHealth, students in Ithaca are also required to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The deadline to be compliant with the requirement is December 15. Visit COVID-19 Vaccination for details.

    Tuberculosis (TB) screening (required for some international students)

    Following public health and college health guidelines, Cornell requires full-time students from these countries (pdf) with “high incidence” of TB to provide documentation of results from a recent TB screening blood test. 

    We recommend but do not require TB screening for students who have spent time in any of the listed countries.

    If you are from a country with a “high incidence” of TB:

    • Only a Quantiferon-TB Gold or T-SPOT blood test will be accepted. Skin tests do not meet this requirement.
    • If your TB test result is positive, you also must submit a chest x-ray report (no films, please).
    • Date of test(s):
      - Students entering in the summer or fall of 2021: your test must be dated September 1, 2020 or later
      - Students entering in spring 2022: your test must be dated February 1, 2021 or later  

    Recommended immunizations & additional documentation

    Recommended immunizations

    While not required, we encourage you to receive these vaccinations recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American College Health Association: 

    • Hepatitis A
    • Hepatitis B
    • Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) (under age 27)

    If you have received any of these (or other) immunizations, please upload documentation to “Upload Immun. Records.”

    Submitting additional documentation / health records 

    Students are encouraged to send us additional health records regarding chronic and/or ongoing health conditions, if applicable. Examples might include test results, consultation reports, summary reports, or recent visit notes.  

    If you have additional documentation or health records you would like to submit, please send by attachment by logging in to myCornellHealth and selecting Messages > New Message > Send a Message or Attachment to Health Records.

    STEP 1: Prepare your information. 

    (1) Log in to myCornellHealth. Review your medical clearance list, and complete preliminary forms. 

    • Requires an activated Cornell NetID and Two-Step Login. (Please allow two working days after you activate your NetID for Cornell Health to receive your information from the Registrar.)
    • Once you log in, go to “Medical Clearances.” 
    • Complete and submit the first two forms (“New Student Health History” and “Personal & Emergency Contact Information”).
      • Once you submit your “Personal & Emergency Contact Information” form, additional forms may be added to your list if you are an international student, NCAA athlete, or vet school student. 

    (2) Obtain your official immunization records for submission to Cornell Health.

    • Students from these countries (pdf) must also obtain TB test records. 
    • Medical, school, and military records in English are accepted. You may also have your health care provider complete an Immunization Documentation form (pdf) so you can submit it as official documentation.
    • If you have not received / can't provide documentation for required immunizations / TB testing, schedule an appointment with your health care provider to receive them before the deadline (see next step). 

    STEP 2: Schedule an appointment with your health care provider (if applicable).

      (3) Get any required immunizations / TB testing you have not already received, and consider getting recommended immunizations. 

      • Be sure to get official documentation of any immunizations / TB testing you receive so you can submit it to Cornell Health. 
      • You may also have your health care provider complete an Immunization Documentation form (pdf) so you can submit it as official documentation.
      • If you are unable to receive your required immunizations / TB testing from your health care provider, you will be required to do so at Cornell Health as soon as you get to campus (charges may apply). See what to do if you can't meet your requirements.

      (4) Get a physical examination from your health care provider (required for NCAA athletes, recommended for other students). 

      STEP 3: Submit your information to Cornell Health.

      (5) Log back in to myCornellHealth

      • Go to “Medical Clearances.” 
      • Complete / submit any remaining forms listed, and enter immunization / test information.  
      • Upload official documentation (in English, from a health care provider, school, or military) for each immunization / test you enter. 
      • If you are unable to upload records, you may fax them to 607-255-0269, or mail them to: Cornell Health / ATTN: Requirements Office / 110 Ho Plaza / Ithaca, NY 14853-3101.

      STEP 4: Confirm your compliance status / watch for messages from Cornell Health.

      Cornell Health may take UP TO 3-4 WEEKS to review your information, due to high volume.  

      • If we determine that you have met your immunization requirements, we will update your status on your New Student To Do List. (Please note that the To Do list indicates immunization compliance only. You may have additional forms you must submit as well.) 
      • If you are missing anything, or your materials do not meet Cornell's requirements, we will send an email to your Cornell address directing you to log in to myCornellHealth to retrieve a secure message about what is missing from your information and/or documentation.

      What to do if you can't meet your requirements

      New students are expected to meet their requirements before coming to Cornell. 

      Students who arrive on campus without having met their requirements have a temporary hold placed on their registration status. Students must complete their requirements as soon as they get to campus to have the hold lifted and avoid additional penalties.

      Contact our Requirements staff now for a consultation about what requirements you are missing, and how to come in to compliance. Requirements can be met at Cornell Health (charges may apply). Please see details on our Addressing Compliance Problems page.

        About the new student health requirements process

        Cornell Health oversees the university's New Student Health Requirements process, through which you will provide information required to comply with state and federal laws, meet public health guidelines, and support optimal health care for you during your time at Cornell.

        The information you provide, as well as all health care you receive at Cornell Health, is confidential. Health care records are accessible only to Cornell Health’s workforce.


        If you have questions, refer to our Health Requirements FAQ.

        If you have questions or concerns that are not addressed in the FAQ, please contact our Requirements Office through one of the following methods:

        • Send a secure message through our patient portal: Log in to myCornellHealth using your Cornell NetID and password, and go to go to Messages > New Message > Send a message or an attachment to Immunization Requirements
        • Or call us during business hours: 607-255-4364 (Monday–Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm, Eastern Standard Time)
        • Please note that email is not a secure means to communicate about private health information (read about our confidentiality practices)