Well-Being Coaching

What is Well-being Coaching? 

Well-being Coaching is a free service available to Cornell undergraduate, graduate, and professional students to help them set and pursue their well-being goals.

Well-being coaches are trained to partner with students in one-on-one, evidence-based conversations structured around the changes they want to make in their lives. Coaches work to create a strengths-based and collaborative conversation space for students to self-identify ways to get unstuck, maximize their personal and professional potential, and become the best versions of themselves. 

*Please note: Well-being Coaching is not a counseling, clinical, or mental health service. Students who would like to work on issues or concerns that are outside the scope of coaching will be referred to appropriate resources. 

How can Well-being Coaching help? 

Well-being Coaches partner with students in one-on-one meetings to help them: 
•    Find and maximize their strengths, values, and motivation for change. 
•    Create their own well-being vision and goals.
•    Navigate barriers.
•    Connected to additional support/resources.

What Well-being Coaching is & is not


What coaching is

What coaching is not

  • Private, not confidential
  • Is not confidential
Staff training & licensure
  • Well-being coaches are professional staff who have participated in training as coaches
  • Well-being coaches are not licensed mental health or health professionals in their coaching roles
Relationship with student
  • Collaborative partnership model, student-as-expert, and action-oriented
  • Not a provider-patient model, coach-as-expert, or coping/treatment-oriented
  • Provides support by enhancing holistic well-being, mental health promotion, and overall (self-defined) success
  • Does not provide counseling, therapy, assessment, consultation, or treatment for mental health concerns
  • Help students identify, strengthen, and utilize their unique strengths and values in the service of pursuing goals and directions that are aligned with their desired well-being outcomes
  • Help students to explore, generate, and try out different strategies, approaches, and resources to support overall change and well-being
  • Help students to develop their distinctive voice and identify what well-being means, looks, and feels like to them
  • Does not try to teach students what they should or should not do on their journey toward resolving or managing their concerns
  • Does not try to help students identify, treat, or resolve specific "weaknesses," symptoms, or problems
  • Does not provide/prescribe specific health, psychological, or medical advice
  • Emphasis on students' potential to move forward in meaningful directions and focus on the future
  • Does not emphasize helping students to resolve issues from the past
View of well-being
  • Responsive to students' unique identities, culture, and experiences of power and oppression and how this shapes their experience in the coaching alliance and understanding of well-being
  • Does not prescribe a "one size fits all" approach to well-being based on "normative" health and wellness practices

VIA character strengths

All coaching meetings will start with a review of your VIA character strengths. Character strengths are the positive parts of your personality that impact how you think, feel and behave. Scientists have identified 24 character strengths that you have the capacity to express. By taking the VIA Survey you will discover your unique character strengths profile. Knowing and applying your highest character strengths is the key to you being your best self.

You can see the full listing of strengths and virtues here

Interested in signing up for Well-being Coaching? 

If you’d like to sign up for coaching, please complete this initial form and our Well-being Coaching Lead will be in touch with more details. If you have any questions, please email asd44@cornell.edu

Meet our Well-being Coaches!

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Amanda Carreiro 

House Assistant Dean
West Campus House System

  • Signature strengths: Perspective, Leadership, Teamwork, Hope, Kindness
  • Ways Amanda supports her well-being: The primary ways I support my own well-being are through mindfulness meditation, playing with my dogs, spending time with family and friends, going to CrossFit regularly, getting out in nature and practicing gratitude.
  • Personal interests: My personal interests include anything to do with Frisbee (I played Ultimate Frisbee for 23 years and coached the Cornell Women’s team for many years) but I’m also interested in Frisbee golf and other Frisbee sports. I love the Finger Lakes region, the Farmer’s Market, going antiquing, and fixing up old furniture.  I am currently reading Louise Penny mysteries to relax at the end of the day. I love to spend time with my 19 year old son, traveling and being in the ocean (ideally, on a boogie board)! 
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Jamie Hom

Associate Director of Student Programs
Student and Young Alumni Programs
Alumni Affairs & Development

  • Signature strengths: Love of learning, Curiosity, Honesty, Kindness, Humor
  • Ways Jamie supports her your well-being: Well-being is about living a life well lived. It is about learning and exploring in who makes you…YOU, while having a curious, resilient, and growth mindset. Ways I support my well-being is ensuring I’m taking care of myself holistically and giving myself grace when I’m having a hard time. This includes, but is not limited to, making sure I am eating well-rounded nutrient food, moving my body with daily exercise, hanging out with my friends and family, trying new hobbies, or exploring the outdoors! 
  • Personal interests: For fun, I am a certified CliftonStrengths coach and MBTI Certified Practitioner along with being a spin instructor. Outside of work, you can find me running or on hiking adventures with my dog, Clara and checking off visiting all 63 United States national parks. I also volunteer at Farm Sanctuary and Cayuga Nature Center taking care of all the animal ambassadors at these two organizations.
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Suzanne Horning 

Director, Cornell Tradition
The Cornell Commitment

  • Signature strengths: Humility, Perspective, Kindness, Prudence, Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence
  • Ways Suzanne supports her well-being: Spending as much time outside as possible, getting a walk in at least once a day, spending time with my husband and rescue dog, Clyde, and staying connected to family and friends.
  • Personal interests: I volunteer with the Cornell Raptor Program. I am huge hockey fan and have had season tickets to Cornell Men’s Ice Hockey for more than 15 years!
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Sarah Janusz

Assistant Director & Disability Access Consultant
Student Disability Services
Cornell Health

  • Signature strengths: Honesty, Love of Learning, Gratitude, Hope and Kindness
  • Ways Sarah supports her well-being: I support my well-being is by engaging in moments that ground me and allow me to embrace calmness. Listening to lofi music all day, watching the aquarium jellyfish cam to relax and taking pictures of the falling rain are some of my favorites. 
  • Personal interests: Exploring the Finger Lakes and Ithaca areas has become a daily adventure for me. I am passionate about food and love learning a new recipe or tasting a new dish. I am always looking for a movie recommendation or a new show suggestion to watch.
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Andrea Kiely

Health Leaves Coordinator
Student Disability Services
Cornell Health

  • Signature strengths: Honesty, Humor, Self-regulation, Perseverance, Hope
  • Ways Andrea supports her well-being: I take care of my well-being by running, taking long walks with my husband and dogs, cuddling with my golden retrievers, and watching Ted Lasso. 
  • Personal interests: I love running, and I am actively involved in a local running club. I enjoy listening to audiobooks, particularly British romantic comedies. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking healthy vegetarian meals and baking tasty treats with nutritious ingredients. You can often find me at rinks all over New York watching my 13-year-old daughter’s ice hockey games. I am interested in history and exploring other countries and cultures, and I look forward to visiting my 19-year-old daughter who is currently studying abroad in Rome. 
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Janna Shine Lamey

Sr. Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Life
The Graduate School

  • Signature strengths: Spirituality, Fairness, Honesty, Love, Hope
  • Ways Janna supports her well-being: While I understand that it is difficult to find the time needed to prioritize well-being, I intentionally try to find ways every day that bring me joy.  Whether it is calling my Mom, laughing with my daughter, being out in nature, or expressing gratitude for a kind act, I find that helps to sustain my well-being.  When I make more time to support well-being, I always try to exercise more so that my body and mind can feel the benefits of movement.   
  • Personal interests: I enjoy taking advantage of the weather changes; I love being outside and gardening in the summer, and when it is cold, I love baking and watching movies in the winter. My favorite time of year is the fall when I love campfires and hiking. Any time of the year, I love being with my family and friends - going on adventures to places near and far.  
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Ben Martin

Assistant Director
Engineering Advising

  • Signature strengths: Fairness, Spirituality, Humility, Humor, Judgment
  • Ways Ben supports his well-being: Silence / solitude in the morning, yoga, running, and reading.
  • Personal interests: Enjoying time with my family: Sara, Asher, & Millie (and our dog Olive). I love games (Smash-up, Sushi Go, Pokémon TCG), movies, and coffee shops. 
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Ethan Stephenson

Director of Faculty Living-Learning Programs
Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

  • Signature strengths: Honesty, Fairness, Perspective, Judgment, Social Intelligence
  • Ways Ethan supports his well-being: In addition to working out when I get the chance, I build exercise into my daily routine with dog walks and walking to work. I love to cook and bake so I end up preparing most of the food I eat. I work hard on creating a healthy work/life balance. I spend a lot of time with my family. I try to maintain regular sleep habits, something that was much harder when I was in college.
  • Personal interests: Biking, baking, cooking, reading