Lab Testing & X-Rays

New partnership with Labcorp

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Cornell Health has recently partnered with Labcorp to provide comprehensive on-site lab testing available to students, faculty, and staff. 

Patients can access Labcorp through the main Cornell Health building, or through Labcorp's side entrance facing Campus Road:

Cornell Health building from above showing location of LabCorp entrance facing Campus Road

Point-of-care lab testing during medical appointments

Available to students only

Cornell Health is able to provide some common lab tests during appointments with our medical team, including tests to help diagnose flu, strep, COVID, mono, urinary tract infections, glucose levels, and pregnancy.

To schedule an appointment with Cornell Health's medical team: Log in to myCornellHealth and select "Appointments," or call us during business hours at 607-255-5155.


For students enrolled on the Ithaca / Geneva campus who have paid Cornell's Student Health Fee ...

  • Point-of-care lab tests are billed to your insurance, and the out-of-pocket cost is covered by your $10 appointment charge.
  • Exception: Pregnancy tests are provided to students at no cost, and will not billed to your insurance.

Test results: Your Cornell Health provider will inform you of your lab results by secure message through myCornellHealth

Lab testing through Labcorp at Cornell Health

Available to students, staff, and faculty 

Cornell Health has partnered with national service provider Labcorp – located in the Cornell Health facility on Level 2 – to provide comprehensive lab testing services essential to supporting students’ care. Students who require lab testing beyond our point-of-care testing (listed above) will be referred to Labcorp for testing needs.

Labcorp services are also available to Cornell staff and faculty members, as well as to the general public. 

Contact Labcorp: 


  • Avoid long lines: make an appointment for your lab work at Labcorp. 
  • Be sure to bring your insurance card (Student Health Plan members can download their card here).
  • If your lab test was ordered by a non-Cornell Health provider, you must bring a printed requisition from your health care provider. The requisition can also be faxed to Labcorp at 1-833-377-2358.


  • Sexually transmitted infection (STI) tests: For students enrolled on the Ithaca / Geneva campus who have paid Cornell's Student Health Fee, STI testing has NO COST, and will not billed to your insurance.
  • Other Labcorp lab tests: Testing costs are billed to your insurance by Labcorp, and you will be responsible for the cost share determined by your insurance plan.
    • You will be asked to pay for your cost share (copay, coinsurance, or deductible) at the time of care. Labcorp is NOT able to Bursar-bill you.  
    • If you do not bring your insurance card, and Labcorp does not have your insurance information on file from Cornell Health (see insurance card information above), you will be responsible for the full cost of service at the time of care.

Please be aware that Labcorp is a separate and distinct entity from Cornell Health. Labcorp addresses their own charges and billing. Questions about billing or the costs of tests should be directed to Labcorp Patient Billing/Customer Service directly: 1-800-845-6167

Test results: Your test results will be made available to your medical provider, who will inform you of your results (if a Cornell Health provider ordered your lab test, they will communicate with you by secure message through myCornellHealth). Lab results will also be available through the Labcorp patient portal

X-ray / radiology services

Available to students only

Our Radiology Department can conduct most types of x-ray examinations onsite, with results quickly available to the provider and patient. A NYS-licensed Radiologic Technologist (RT) will perform your exam, and the results will be reviewed by a radiologist and by your clinician to help confirm or rule out a diagnosis.

We perform diagnostic tests ordered by Cornell Health providers, and also by outside providers. If you need special x-ray procedures that we cannot conduct onsite, we can provide appropriate referrals to local radiology providers.  

Cost: The cost for x-rays will be billed to your insurance, and for students studying on the Ithaca/Geneva campuses, there is no additional out-of-pocket cost. Visit our Cost for Service page and our Insurance & Billing page for more information.

X-ray results: A copy of your x-ray image(s) and the radiologist’s report will be placed in your health record. To receive your image(s) or have them shared with another health care provider, please send us a secure message by logging in to myCornellHealth and selecting Messages > New Message >  Request Image(s) from Radiology. You may also call us at  607-255-6207.

Radiology contact information: