Care for transgender & non-binary students

In response to June 12 news from the Trump Administration...

Our hearts are with all who are facing individual and systemic bias and discrimination during these difficult times, including students in the LGBTQ+ community at Cornell. Below is some background information we hope will be helpful to those coming to Cornell Health for gender-related services:

  • For decades, Cornell Health has maintained a solid commitment to diversity and inclusion, which extends to the provision of gender services. While on June 12, 2020, the Trump administration finalized a rule that would remove nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ people when it comes to health care and health insurance, we at Cornell Health will not be changing our delivery of services or the provision of student health coverage, and we will continue to advocate for ​and support the health and dignity of every student who comes to us for care
  • At Cornell Health, gender services include the provision of primary care medical services and mental health support, as well as some specialty services such as hormonal ​treatments and surgical referrals in support of gender identity confirmation. (Students can call Cornell Health to request a gender services appointment at 607-255-5155.)
  • Most gender-related services, including hormone treatments and surgical services in support of gender identity confirmation, are covered by Cornell’s student health plans (SHP or SHP+). This coverage is protected and will not be subject to change as a result of recent rulings in Washington. ​In fact, SHP benefits have been enhanced for the coming year with the addition of coverage for electrolysis when ordered by a gender-affirming surgeon.
  • Currently, about half of Cornell students on the Ithaca campus are covered by SHP or SHP+ and the other half, who have private health insurance, pay the university’s student health fee. (Note: ​The health fee covers most gender services at Cornell Health; students with private health insurance should connect with their plan provider to determine coverage for gender services ​outside of Cornell Health.)
  • Students can get detailed information about SHP & SHP+ coverage for services for the current (2019-2020) plan year and the upcoming (2020-2021) plan year on the Student Health Benefits website or by contacting a member of the student health benefits team (; 607-255-6363).