COVID-19 Services & Information

Report a positive test result

Report positive COVID test results through Cornell's Daily Check portal.

If you need assistance with the Daily Check, contact the Cornell Campus Public Health Support Team.

Concerned about symptoms?

If you're experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, limit contact with others, wear a high-quality mask, and pick up a free antigen test as soon as possible at one of the antigen testing pick-up locations on campus. (See What to do if you test positive for COVID-19.)

If your symptoms are severe or worrying, call Cornell Health for consultation: 607-255-5155 (24/7). Severe symptoms include fever >102F, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, chest pain, severe headache, severe sore throat, vomiting. In an emergency, call 911.

All Cornell community members are expected to comply with the university's COVID vaccination requirement and take personal responsibility to practice COVID etiquette, including staying home and getting tested if you're ill or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, and masking around others as appropriate to help prevent transmission of the virus. Please see details below.

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COVID Testing:

COVID Isolation:

Resources for support 

Requests for assistance

Contact or submit a ticket to the Cornell Campus Public Health Support Team for questions or requests about the Daily Check, excuse letters for professors, isolation, housing, or meals. 

Health / medical support 

Contact Cornell Health at 607-255-5155 if you have questions or concerns about symptoms, you want to receive a COVID vaccination or booster, or you want PCR testing. (See how to get a COVID vaccination or booster and how to get a PCR test.) 

Academic support 

If you test positive for COVID, be sure to self-report your positive test result through the Daily Check to receive your five-day temporary academic accommodation notice to share with professors. Learn more about communicating with professors and keeping up with coursework. If you need additional support, contact your college student services office.

Travel guidance

  • Review this guidance from the CDC about international travel to and from the United States. 
  • Check any entry and exit requirements for all countries through which you will be traveling. (International SOS (ISOS) is another reliable source for the latest information on travel restrictions and entrance/exit requirements. From the link, click the COVID-19 button on the left and then click on Travel Restrictions, Flight Operations and Screening.)
  • Prior to your flight, review your airline’s guidance on masking requirements and verify which types of tests or other documentation are accepted for boarding.
  • International students: See documents required for re-entry into the U.S.
  • Testing information:
    • Cayuga Medical Center provides pre-travel testing and travel documents. PCR and antigen tests are available locally at retail locations. Many airports also have on-site testing.
    • Cornell strongly recommends that anyone returning to campus after travelling get tested before rejoining campus activities (see when to get tested). 

Information for international students

Refer to International Services' COVID-19 FAQs for students.

Information for Cornell Tech students

Visit Cornell Tech's COVID-19 resource page.