COVID-19 Vaccination

Campus-wide information

    Students were expected to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before arriving to campus. Fully vaccinated means 14+ days after the final dose of vaccine.

    Students who have not yet met their COVID-19 vaccination requirement must get vaccinated as soon as possible to avoid progressive sanctions associated with noncompliance (see details below).

    Options for vaccination 

    If you schedule a vaccination appointment using any of the methods below, be sure to update your vaccination status with the date of your appointment in Cornell's Daily Check to have your registration hold lifted and to avoid additional penalties.  

    Getting vaccinated at Cornell Health:

    Students may call Cornell Health to schedule a vaccination appointment (607-255-5155). Cornell Health is currently providing Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. There is no out-of-pocket cost for vaccination.

    Getting vaccinated off campus:

    Students may also get vaccinated at any off-campus vaccination location (pharmacy or other vaccination site). Find a COVID-19 vaccination site.

    Information for Cornell Tech students:

    Cornell Tech students may schedule a vaccination appointment with Weill Cornell by emailing

    Cornell's COVID-19 vaccination requirement

    COVID-19 vaccination is required for students attending the Ithaca, Geneva, and Cornell Tech campuses for the fall 2021 semester. Learn more on Cornell's COVID-19 website

    The deadline for students to upload their vaccine documentation to Cornell's Daily Check, schedule and provide a date for a vaccine appointment, or file a request for a medical or religious exemption was August 16, 2021 (8:00 am EST)

    Consequences of inaction:

    Students who have not submitted vaccination information, scheduled an appointment for vaccination, or filed a request for an exemption are subject to progressive enforcement measures:

    • If you remain or become non-compliant on or after August 16 (8:00 am EST): A registration hold will be placed on your account effective August 17, preventing you from adding and dropping courses until you come into compliance. Ithaca students will also be prevented from accessing the Cornell Store, libraries, fitness centers, and some other campus facilities. Cornell Tech students may lose access to campus facilities on their campus. Some students may experience delays in receiving stipends. 
    • If you remain or become non-compliant on or after September 9: In addition to the above sanctions, you will have access to Canvas (the campus gateway to academic materials and assignments) suspended effective September 10 until you come into compliance. 
    • If you remain or become non-compliant on or after September 25: In addition to the above sanctions, you will be disenrolled from the university effective September 26. You will not be allowed to re-enroll until you come into compliance. Please note that there is an administrative fee of $350 to re-enroll.

    How to come in to compliance:

    • upload your vaccination information through Cornell's Daily Check 
    • if you are not fully vaccinated, schedule a 1st or 2nd vaccination appointment and provide the date(s) of your appointment(s) through Cornell's Daily Check 

    Failure to appear for vaccination appointments or to schedule a vaccination appointment if you are denied a medical or religious exemption will result in your return to non-compliance status and will subject you to the foregoing enforcement penalties. 

    Requesting an exemption:

    Immunization requirements are in place to protect the health of the community. As is the case with other required immunizations, an exemption for COVID-19 vaccine may be pursued. 

    To qualify for a medical exemption, you should submit the following through our secure patient portal, myCornellHealth (go to Messages > New Message > Send a message or an attachment to Immunization Requirements):

    • A medical exemption must be written by a physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner and state that a valid contraindication to vaccination exists. The exemption must specify which immunizations are contraindicated and why, and how long the medical contraindication will last. If you are uncertain whether you will qualify for a medical exemption, talk with your health care provider.

    The deadline to apply for a religious exemption was August 16, 2021 (8:00 am EST).