Telehealth Services

Video, phone, & online support

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Your location and need will determine your appointment type and help us connect you with appropriate care.

Summer 2020 information

Many Cornell Health services – including medical care, counseling, physical therapy, and nutrition – are now available through telehealth appointments, allowing us to support your health and well-being wherever you are.

Support where you are – available with no copay 

  • Telehealth services include video and phone appointments, and online consultation. 
  • Your location and need will determine your appointment type (learn more about eligibility for services, below).  
  • Telehealth appointments are covered by SHP, SHP+, and the student health fee, and are available with no copay.

How to schedule an appointment

  • Call Cornell Health during business hours at 607-255-5155 to learn about options for care, and to schedule appointments. 
  • You may also log in to myCornellHealth to send us a message requesting an appointment. 
  • We will assess your needs and, depending on your need and your location, connect you with appropriate care. 

Eligibility for telehealth services 

The following information applies for Summer 2020. We will be providing updated information for the Fall semester as soon as possible. 

Students in the United States:

  • Telehealth video appointments are available to students currently residing in New York State, and in other U.S. states with active emergency declarations related to the pandemic. (Please call us to find out whether we can provide video appointments in your state of residence: 607-255-5155.) Video appointments are delivered via a HIPAA-protected Zoom platform, accessed through our secure patient portal. 
  • Phone appointments are also available to all students in the U.S.
  • For students with privacy concerns, other forms of secure communication may be available (i.e., Zoom chat functionality or secure messaging). 

Students outside of the United States: 

  • Consultation, care management, and referrals by phone and online secure messaging are available to students currently residing outside of the U.S. 
  • Learn more below about services for students outside the U.S.

Student spouses / partners:

  • Spouses and partners of students, depending on their location, may be able to access some medical services by telehealth appointment. Call us to learn more.


There is no copay for students who are covered by a Student Health Plan (SHP/SHP+) or the Student Health Fee. Other students should contact our Student Health Benefits staff ( to inquire about insurance and payment options.  

Additional information for students outside the U.S.

Regulations that govern licensure of health care providers in the United States do not allow for diagnosis and treatment of students located outside of the country.  

We can, however, provide supportive consultation and assist students with locating care in their region. Students should call us (607-255-5155) to learn about options for care and to schedule an appointment. You may also log in to myCornellHealth to send us a message requesting an appointment. 

Cornell's Student Health Plan (SHP) is designed to work in international locations. Learn more about using SHP outside the United States

Why telehealth?

In mid-March, in response to New York State’s stay-at-home order and the university’s plan to adopt a virtual learning environment, many students moved away from Ithaca to return to their permanent residences. At this time, consistent with CDC guidance, Cornell Health also implemented “pandemic operations,” limiting in-person medical services to COVID-19-related testing and urgent needs. (Learn more on our Coronavirus News & Updates page.)  

Given that health and well-being are prerequisites for learning, Cornell Health sought to complement our limited in-person care with telehealth that could reach students where they live.

Thanks to newly established telehealth guidelines from university leadership, and consistent with advocacy from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the American Council on Education, we are now able to provide comprehensive medical and mental health services through telehealth video visits to students across the country.

Our new telehealth services are designed to meet the needs of students in Ithaca, as well students who have returned to their homes anywhere in the United States. They also help remove barriers to care that our most vulnerable students, especially those from underrepresented identities, may face given their financial resources and local healthcare environments.

Cornell Health's telehealth services are supported through the university's Student Health Fee and Student Health Plan (SHP). These funds provide a critical safety net to ensure that all students, regardless of location, have access to quality and affordable healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Learn more: Cornell expands telehealth to "meet students where they are" to learn more (Cornell Chronicle, 4/16/20).