Services for Students Outside Ithaca

24/7 phone consultation

Call us at 607-255-5155 any time to ...

  • Consult with a medical provider (#1) 
  • Consult with a licensed therapist (#2) 

Learn more about our phone consultation service.

Coping during COVID-19

Check out our Coping During COVID-19 webpage for resources and services to support your well-being.

Fall 2020 

The following information is for students who are enrolled on Cornell’s Ithaca campus, but who are engaged in distance learning outside of Ithaca during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students in New York State

Eligibility for services: 

Students engaged in distance learning who are located in New York State, but outside Ithaca, may access the full range of Cornell Health’s telehealth services. Learn how to schedule an appointment

Cost for care: 

  • Students who are enrolled in a Cornell Student Health Plan (SHP or SHP+) or who pay the Student Health Fee have no copay/charge for telehealth services. (See information below about opting in to the Student Health Fee.)
  • Students who are not covered by SHP, SHP+, or the health fee can still use Cornell Health’s telehealth services. Charges will either be billed to your insurance (if you have an Aetna plan, the Empire Plan, or TRICARE), or must be paid at the time of care and submitted to your insurance for reimbursement. Check your insurance plan for coverage details, and learn more about our Insurance & Billing policies.

Insurance & health fee:

Full-time students are automatically enrolled in SHP, with the exception of students who enroll in SHP+. Eligible students may apply to waive their SHP enrollment (for fall 2020, waiver criteria are easier to meet for students studying outside of Ithaca). 

Students who are not enrolled in SHP/SHP+ may choose to opt in to the Student Health Fee ($161 / semester for students outside Ithaca) to access Cornell Health’s telehealth services for no additional copay/charge. Distance-learning students who waive SHP are not automatically charged for the Student Health Fee, and must take action to opt in. 

Students outside New York State (in the U.S. or abroad)

Cornell Health continues to provide health and well-being support services for distancing-learning students. Licensure regulations restrict us from being able to provide diagnostic and clinical services to students outside of New York State. For these services, students should explore options for providers in your area who participate with your health insurance. 

Eligibility for support services: 

Students who are located in a state other than New York, or in an international location, are eligible for 24/7 phone consultation for medical and mental health concerns, non-clinical CAPS services (Let’s Talk and CAPS workshops), and care management and referrals by phone and online secure messaging.

To learn about options for care, call us at 607-255-5155

Cost for care:

There is no copay/charge for support services provided to students outside of New York State. 


Full-time students are automatically enrolled in SHP. Eligible students may apply to waive their SHP enrollment (for fall 2020, waiver criteria are easier to meet for students studying outside of Ithaca). 

Coming soon: New mental health telehealth service for students outside NY

Cornell Health is working to contract with an outside agency that has access to a large pool of mental health providers licensed to provide support to students outside of New York State, including those in an international location. We hope to be able to announce this new service soon.